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How BYJU’S helped Jullian crack IOQM against all odds

“Hailing from NorthEast, India, it is a big challenge to prepare for competitive exams like IMO all by oneself. Thankfully...

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How to prepare for all the subjects? Learn at BYJU’S Topper Connect.

IT’S TIME! Much delayed, but never too late. Board exams are just around the corner. Are you prepared?   What...

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How to complete your paper on time – Not missing out on what you know!

The teacher says “last five minutes!” Everybody is scrambling to get the last couple of answers in. Most of them...

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What is your style of studying? Hear it from our Toppers!

Did you have any guilty pleasures while preparing for exams? How do you deal with them? How does one prepare for...

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District topper Rounik shares his exam strategies

“In the game of chess, my personal favourite is the ‘Scotch Opening’ move,” says Rounik. “Using the scotch opening technique,...

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Practice is the secret to becoming a topper – Shravani Phalke

  Shravani Phalke, a BYJU’S student from Mumbai scored 99% in her ICSE 10th Board exams. Not only does she...

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District Topper Chaahat Baghla reveals her secret study tips!

  This year, a hurriedly convened academic board council had decided to alter the exam paper pattern for the CBSE...

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How is BYJU’S fulfilling this NEET aspirant’s dreams

You are just a few days away from your final exams! You’re busy going through your syllabus, reading, and revising...

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