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Gamers Assemble! BYJUites Share How Video Games Made Their Childhood Awesome

Doesn’t it take you back in time when you come across those good old 8-bit game cartridges or your first...

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Audience is Different but Quality Remains Same: Anantha on EdTech Games

“Any product is a set of tasks. Be it games or softwares, it’s the people who work on it that...

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Balasubramanian Reveals What Goes On Behind The Scenes at BYJU’S Game Pod

From taking part in Counter-Strike tournaments during his college days to now creating deep learning games at BYJU’S, Balasubramanian Prakash...

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Dhilip Kumar Decodes the Art of Building Next-Gen Game Technology for Learning

For Dhilip Kumar, the Chief Creative Director at BYJU’S, it all started at the age of 10 when he watched...

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