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Gamers Assemble! BYJUites Share How Video Games Made Their Childhood Awesome

Team StoryWeavers|September 27, 2021, 18:05 IST| 2
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Doesn’t it take you back in time when you come across those good old 8-bit game cartridges or your first Game Boy or that joystick that you once had to fight for? At some point in our childhood, we all were introduced to the marvel that is video games and have spent hours playing them. 

So this Video Games Day, we decided to ask BYJUites to jog their memory and share with us stories about their favourite childhood games. From Super Mario loyalists to Contra fans and FIFA lovers, the responses were packed with happiness, warmth and a dose of nostalgia. 

Video games day

Aditya Jarial, General Manager, Social Media

“I used to love Contra and would spend hours at my friend’s house trying to win the game. The first time I won, I remember I screamed and shouted so loud that the residents of our building came out thinking someone was in trouble. I got beaten up for it, but it was worth it!”


Madhusudan D Amte, Team Lead, K12 Chemistry

“Road Rash! It was the only game that I used to play. I would play it before school, after school, on weekends– all the time.”

Rishabh Kothari, Student Experience Team

“I love Bounce Tales. That is where the gamer in me was born. The gaming console we needed was the basic Nokia keypad phone. I’m not a child anymore, neither am I using a basic Nokia phone. But this game is still my favourite. I wanted to dig for an old pic, but then there’s me, who clicked a fresh picture, and played two extra games instead. A new console, a new me, but the love for Bounce tales is still the same.”

Jayanth BT, Business Development Trainee 

“As a child, the game that fascinated me the most was Building Blocks. I was 12 and it was the first ever video game that I played. I found it to be very tricky, sort of like a brain teaser.”

Abhishek Kumar Jha, Business Development Associate

“It was in 2001 that I got my first video game. We were on a family vacation to Delhi. Contra and Super Mario were the two games I enjoyed the most at that time. Those were the best gaming days.”

Anand Sharma, Business Development Associate

“My childhood favourite was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 TV Video Game. During my childhood, I used to save my pocket money and go to the video games parlour to play my favourite games. UMK3 was a multiplayer game and every weekend the staff at the parlour used to conduct a knockout competition. The deal was that if we pay the entry fee and we can play the whole day till we don’t lose to anyone. I used to be a pro at the game. I miss those days.”

MD Nibras, Business Development Trainee 

“We all grew up playing the most loved game, Super Mario, Contra and also in my case, FIFA. I remember playing Mario so much that one day I dreamt that I was digging up coins from the box by hitting on it with my head. But in reality, I was hitting my brother. It’s sad that I don’t have any picture of myself with my gaming consoles but I am a huge fan of video games and have played in literally every game station that I could find.”

Ashish Yadav, Business Development Associate

“I used to play all the PC games. All versions of FIFA and Grand Theft Auto. I used to have a good gaming system. And I remember snacking on samosa and coke while gaming. It was such a lovely time.”

Varun Gautam, Sales Ops Manager 

“My summers were all about playing six to eight hours of video games on those old school NES consoles. I used to have dozens of cassettes. My favourite childhood game was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We could play a one-on-one versus mode or a story mode with two players. The AAA titles of those times were Mario, Contra, Bomberman etc.”

Ambuj Shukla, Business Development Associate

“The first time I got to play Super Mario was when I got one rupee for a token from my parents. I just wanted to save the princess who I loved during my childhood. The game has taught me that there will be obstacles in life but we have to accomplish our goal anyhow.”

Navneet Singh, Business Development Trainee

“I love playing all the PC games since childhood. I wish I could play all of them even now.”

Om Jha, Business Development Associate

“My all-time favourite games are Super Mario, Pacman, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and Tekken.”

Debanshu Sarkar, Business Development Associate

“Games are what I’m fond of the most. I am a professional Esports gamer and I love playing DOTA-2.”

Did you have fun taking a trip down memory lane with these stories? Now, tell us your most memorable gaming experience in the comment section.

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