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How We Prioritised Employee Wellbeing Amid Covid-19 Challenges at BYJU’S

Even with increased alertness and healthcare initiatives to curb Covid-19, our experiences have taught us that being prepared is key...

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Helping Hands: Meet the BYJUites Leading the Way With Their Covid Relief Efforts

The second wave of Covid-19, marked by a rise in cases and mounting pleas for help, has no doubt hit...

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How a ‘Culture of Trust’ Helped this BYJUite Make Onboarding Seamless & Easy

Welcoming new people to the growing BYJU’S family while ensuring a seamless transition and a memorable onboarding experience is crucial....

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Motherhood Isn’t Rocket Science – Or Is It? BYJU’S Rockstar Moms Spill The Beans

The one job that no one really prepares you for is motherhood. (Even our BYJU’S superstar moms will attest to...

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Who Run the World – Moms! Celebrating Stories of Strength and Resilience This Mother’s Day

STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE! When talking about the incredible mothers at BYJU’S, who have perfected the balancing act of parenting during...

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United we stand: CEO fund to cover COVID treatment costs of BYJU’S employees and their families

As we deal with the aggressive second wave of the pandemic in India, here is a letter from our Founder...

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Heroes of the Last Mile: How BYJUites Ensured Learning Remains Seamless amid Covid-19

When we resumed work in the aftermath of the lockdown, says Mohnish Jaiswal, Vice President – Supply Chain, at BYJU’S,...

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Building a Remote Learning Ecosystem with Arhan Chhabra

“All humans should have equal opportunities…I realized that unfortunately this isn’t the case.” Arhan Chhabra, Founder, Project App Vidya   Living...

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4 Ways the Pandemic has Widened the Gaps in India’s Public Education System

The ongoing pandemic has changed the world as we know it. And while most discussions shine the spotlight on the...

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