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BYJU’S Children’s Day Made Special

Team StoryWeavers|January 10, 2018, 04:54 IST| 8

BYJU’S celebrated this Children’s Day in a very special way!

We gave canvas to our learning app students to show off their dreams and imagination through doodles and drawings. Childhood is a time filled with adventure, wonder and curiosity about the world; hence, the theme of the contest was, “Curious Mind”.

There were 13,750 creative bugs who took part in the contest that blew us away. We spent days shortlisting the entries and were amazed to see so many wonderful artworks that adhered to the theme – Curious Mind.

We spoke to each of the shortlisted entries who made it to round two, where they shared the thoughts behind their creation. It was astonishing to hear from these young artists with such beautiful ideas and concepts. We called out 3 winners and here is what they have made and had to say :

“When I saw the theme, “Curious Mind”, I recalled as a kid my mother told me that I was always curious about what there was in a mirror. I was amazed by the fact that it was my own reflection and the mirror mimicked all that I did. My painting of a baby sitting on a mirror, staring into its reflection is curious as to what lies beyond and depicts that self-reflection is the first stage of curiosity”




“Inspired by the movie – Rebellious Flower, I learnt that every child has the capability of letting their imagination free. In my picture, I have tried to bring out the evolution from wheels to reaching the moon as I believe that curiosity about the universe is how man landed on the moon and apparently to the other parts of the universe. I have also learnt that those who ask more questions are the ones who wish to learn new things and the ones who come up with unique ideas.”



“Bulb” is associated with new ideas and Newton for his sharp observations. He discovered something that no one has ever paid attention to, and this is what curiosity is to me. Through my sketch, I wanted to show that curiosity leads to unique observations that in turn leads to new ideas.





Congratulations to the winners! We hope you loved your goodies bag and certificate.

A Big Thank You from Team BYJU’S to all the participants of the Children’s Day Contest. We hope you enjoyed drawing and doodling your imaginations and sharing them with us. We really had fun going through your artworks and look forward to receiving more love in the coming activities.

“Intelligence is curiosity asking questions, so stay curious and ask away!”

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