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What is Christmas if not with special wishes, twinkling lights and a bit of surprise?

Team StoryWeavers|January 8, 2019|

and this year, Christmas at BYJU’S was made very special by our little Santas (BYJU’S students) from across the country!

Guess how?

With the BYJU’S Christmas Tree Decoration contest, students sent us wishes in the form of some beautiful handmade decor items and ornaments that adorned the Christmas Tree at BYJU’S headquarter.

We saw a lot of students adopt the recycle and reuse route-where they used old paper cups cardboard boxes, CDs, mobile chargers and even disposable cutleries and cooker gasket, to create truly ecstatic decor items.

Thank you dear students for making our Christmas so special 🙂

Based on artistry, originality and the style of presentation, we have selected the best 3 decors as winners of the contest.

A Big Congratulations to our crafty Students

Also, watch how all the beautiful handmade Christmas decors by students brightened up our celebration at the BYJU’S headquarters.

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