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Diwali turned extra special at BYJU’S this year; All thanks to the carefully crafted diyas from our students

Team StoryWeavers|December 7, 2018|

This Diwali, the BYJU’S Diya Decoration Contest saw a plethora of colourful and sparkly diya submissions from students across the country. Celebrating the spirit of the ‘Festival of Lights’, students amazed us with some really unique diya decoration designs.

In addition to use of glitters and colours, our crafty bees took a step towards eco-friendly Diwali celebration and decorated their diyas using old CDs, disposable spoons, recycled papers and even pista shells. We are truly overwhelmed to receive such creative entries from all of you 🙂

Picking up the best was a very difficult task, as we loved all the diya entries. However three entries really stood out in terms of creativity, uniqueness and neatness.

A big round of Applause to our Creative Geniuses

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the best diya entries we received


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