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Mother’s Day Contest Winners!

Team StoryWeavers|May 28, 2018|

We received thousands of entries from across the country, with children sharing what their mothers mean to them and why they love them so much. Here are the three students who struck our hearts with their beautiful artworks and moving words for their mothers.

Deepak Barik

9th Grade, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

In my artwork I have tried to describe the importance of mothers in our lives. As a mother is the most precious person in everyone’s life, about whom we cannot describe everything completely either in form of our words or art or anything other form of expression. I have made an attempt to portray at least a fraction of what my mother has done for me in my short span of life.  I have tried to describe the value of a mother, of how she cares for every moment in our lives and caters to all our needs, how she is the best trainer and guide in our life, how she loves us and blesses us and gives the power to nurture the whole world. In my artwork I have described how a mother is the best care taker for her child,how she is the best person to celebrate our successes, how a mother is the best motivator for her child at hard times, how a mother becomes the first teacher, guide, friend and someone who understand each and everything of her child’s mind and how a mother is precious for the overall development of her child .

We are obliged towards her for taking so much pain to bring us into this beautiful world and give us all the happiness. My mother is best and no less than a God for me. 

Harimurli Murlidharan

7th Grade, Eloor, Kerala

Mother – the most beautiful word. The first name that we learn to call. The first person we see. Mother is such a beautiful and precious word. It is a word that has so many days experience, so many memories attached to us and so many meanings – unconditional love, warmth, the security of loving arms, a one woman cheer leading squad, all for us. Our mothers are the most saintly souls and forgiving people around. We can depend on them to give that encouraging hug when we need it, make us our favourite food and put up with our million tantrums. We can never do or say anything enough to show them how deeply we love them. Wishing a hearty mother’s day to all mothers

Malvika M.K

10th Grade, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

My mother has been my guiding light since the first time I opened my eyes. The basic concept behind my artwork is, a mother’s head is always filled with the thoughts of her children at every moment of her life and that she would do anything to make her children the best. She loves her children forever without expecting anything in return. My mother did everything for me and always will….that is why I love my mother.

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