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The Superhero Siblings – Arshnoor Kaur and Agamjot Singh

Team Storyweavers
May 18, 2018

Siblings Day is celebrated across the world to reminisce the fun days with our brothers and sisters, to relearn the lessons we learnt from them and share the joys and sorrows of growing up together. This Siblings Day, the BYJU’S team wished to see how siblings across the world celebrated their bond, encouraging them to have fun and get creative together. We received hundreds of fun and interesting entries ranging from childhood photographs, collages and videos, but the one entry that stood out the most was a superhero compilation of a brother-sister duo hailing from Delhi.

Congratulations to Arshnoor Kaur, our 9th grade student who got together with her younger brother Agamjot Singh to create a most entertaining video which shows how much fun siblings can have together.

Here is their entry.

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