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This Children’s Day, Students Exchange Ideas With Byju Sir!

Team StoryWeavers|November 30, 2020, 07:20 IST| 2

You answered, we heard!

We were blown away by the amazing entries for the Children’s Day contest this year! The confidence shown by every BYJU’S student who took part left us speechless. Not to mention the ideas we received on how to make the BYJU’S app more awesome were extremely creative and impressive!

True to our promise, six lucky winners got the chance to interact with  Byju Sir himself on their big ideas for the BYJU’S app. You can watch their chat with Byju Sir in the video below!

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Deepthi is an ambivert who is on a steady diet of good food, filter coffee, and self-improvement. Being an ardent reader, storytelling has been her first love and she enjoys exploring how to convey stories compellingly. Having studied psychology and experienced the learning and development field, Deepthi is driven to understand human behavior and to know what makes each of us unique. You are most likely to find her tucked into a cozy corner at a local cafe with a Kindle or a book in hand. If you find her there, stop by and say hello, she'd be eager to learn your story too. Until then, you can ping her at for anything you may like to share.

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Abhigyan Yadav

December 7, 2020

My mentors are like god’s they helped me a lot in this pandemic time to score good marks . I really want to say a big thank you to my mentors ,teacher’s,and Arun tandle sir he helped me alot


November 30, 2020

Hey ! When was the children’s day contents announced ? And also there was also a teacher’s day activity in which we have to tell that you we love our mentor , when will its result declare ?


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