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Xcel Paper Plane Challenge: Win Flight Vouchers

Team StoryWeavers|January 25, 2023, 18:01 IST|

Soar through the skies with the latest edition of BYJU’S Xcel Challenge and stand a chance to win domestic flight vouchers! 

In the latest episode of BYJU’S Xcel, you get to learn all about flight and aviation. What keeps an aeroplane in the air? Why is the wing shaped the way it is? How does a jet engine work? To learn the answers to all these questions and more, register for the latest episode of BYJU’S Xcel.

While you prepare for take-off, try your hand at the BYJU’S Xcel Paper Plane Challenge. All it takes is some paper, a few paints and colours and a whole lot of imagination, and you could win domestic flight vouchers worth Rs 3,000! Here’s how you can participate in the BYJU’S Xcel Paper Plane Challenge:

  • Design your very own unique paper plane. Add some colour by painting it and give it a name. Take a photo of your paper plane and email it to us. 
  • Your submission should be emailed to with the subject line: Xcel Paper Plane Challenge
  • Make sure to mention the class you belong to.
  • The contest goes live on 23 January 2023, and submissions are open until 11:59 PM on 27 January 2023. 
  • Two top contenders (one between grades 4-6 and the other one between grades 7-10) will be awarded Indigo Airlines domestic flight vouchers worth Rs 3,000. 
  • Runners-up shall receive a copy of the book 100 Paper Airplanes to Fold and Fly.

Challenge accepted? Fold, snip, cut and colour your way to victory!

This contest is subject to terms and conditions. Please read the full terms and conditions here.

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