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5 Easy Tips to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Team StoryWeavers|February 26, 2022, 06:49 IST| 2

It’s the second week of January and the burning question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s your New Year resolution?” 

From eating healthy to exercising, and studying more, we all have a New Year resolution locked and loaded every year. But sometimes we may find that it’s difficult to stick to our resolutions as the year goes on. With exams, assignments or homework becoming a priority, we may lose track of time and forget all about our promise of self-improvement. 

If this has happened to you too, don’t fret! All you need are a few simple steps to help you stick to your resolutions. 

This year, try these 5 easy tips on how to stick to your New Year resolution. 

Start strong: Plan your resolutions

No matter what your resolution is, a great way to start is to make a proper plan around it. Think about all the different things you will need to fulfil your resolution and convert them into a list of tasks. For example, if your resolution is to learn to play the guitar, your planning would include:

  1. Finding a guitar class
  2. Getting/borrowing a guitar
  3. Finding a time in your schedule to attend class and practice guitar
Plan your goals to ace them! Image source: Shutterstock

Plan your goals to ace them! Image source: Shutterstock

Make it simple: Break down your resolution

Many times we have trouble sticking to resolutions because they sound too big to complete. To avoid this, it always helps to break down your resolution into smaller daily, weekly or monthly goals. For example, the resolution to learn the guitar can be broken down into simple steps: 

  1. Daily goal: Spend 30 mins every day practising the guitar
  2. Weekly goal: Attend 4 guitar lessons in a week
  3. Monthly goal: Learn to play a tune by the end of the month

This way the resolution looks easy and achievable!

Break down your goals into tasks. Image source: Shutterstock

Break down your goals into tasks. Image source: Shutterstock

Stay motivated: Share your resolution with family and friends

When you share your resolution with your friends and family they can act as a great source of motivation for you. This will come in handy when you are in a slump and need a boost to keep going. For example, by telling your friends about your resolution to learn the guitar they can keep you motivated by suggesting songs that you should learn, giving you helpful tips or just encouraging you to keep playing!

Friends can help you stay motivated! Image source: Shutterstock

Friends can help you stay motivated! Image source: Shutterstock

Keep going: Check your progress

Another helpful way of sticking to your resolutions is to keep checking your progress. You can do this by maintaining a journal of your work towards your goal. That way you can flip through your journal any time to look at how far you have come! For example, with learning the guitar, you can have a look at the notes you used to play at the start of your journey compared to the complex tunes you play now. There’s the easiest dose of motivation right there!

Keep checking your progress! Image source: Shutterstock

Keep checking your progress! Image source: Shutterstock

You earned it: Reward yourself 

As you make progress in your New Year resolution don’t forget to reward yourself for the smaller milestones you achieve. They’ll help you stick to the goal and keep moving ahead! For example, you can treat yourself every time you learn to play a new song by giving yourself a gold star!

Don't forget to reward yourself. Image source: Shutterstock

Don’t forget to reward yourself. Image source: Shutterstock

What’s your New Year resolution? Let us know in the comments below!

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