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5 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Team StoryWeavers|February 28, 2019|

Your memory is your best ally during exam preparations. Improving it and allowing it to come to your aid during the exam requires a strategy. Here are some ways that improve your memory which could be customized to your study plans.

#1 – Learn by Chunking

Chunking or breaking your syllabus into smaller portions help you absorb the information better. It prevents information overload and better retention. For example, it would be easy to hold a telephone number in memory when it’s broken or chunked into three or four groups. It would be helpful in memorizing various math formulas by breaking them into smaller chunks and learning them part by part instead of trying to memorize them wholly.

#2 – Use Mnemonics      

It is easier to recall information if you assimilate it through the use of acronyms or by creating narrative patterns that help you associate with the information learned.

Acronyms: These include the first letter of the important points collectively remembered in the form of words. One example of this would be remembering the rainbow colors as the mnemonic word VIBGYOR.

Narration Pattern: This would involve creating a story where the important facts in the form of words to be remembered are included in the story. This would involve remembering words in the form of a poetic pattern like a cat met a dog.

#3 – Practice Testing

One of the easiest ways to keep one’s memory running is to retrieve information regularly by practice. This could be achieved by making flash cards for continuous testing as this is one of the most effective methods in the memory recall. This will help in strengthening the neurons that stores information and it will also help in a faster recall. The added benefit of this practice testing is to help one identify their strengths and weaknesses and channelize their efforts where one is lagging..

#4 -Sleep Well and Eat Well

During exam time, it is important to be well-rested and not pull all-nighters. A well-rested mind and body are necessary for easy memory recall. Also, eating brain foods like walnuts, almonds and ensuring that you consume nutritious meals and snacks is necessary to prevent fatigue and tiredness. Healthy meals and good sleep go a long way in boosting your memory and help you learn more effectively.

#5 – Get Some Exercise

Exercise improves cognitive performance and makes you more alert. Squeezing in 10 minutes of walk or a quick tennis match are some ways to de-stress and boost your memory. It helps in enhancing your focus, improves mood and heightens concentration levels. Practice these strategies and watch your memory take you places.

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