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Here’s How You Can Overcome Your Exam Fear

Team StoryWeavers|February 28, 2019|

Exams are around the corner and as a student you have multiple subjects and vast coursework to finish before you step into the examination hall. While it’s normal to be a little anxious, excessive stress and pressure on yourself is detrimental to your health and performance.

We have compiled a list of practices that can help you sail through exam time like a breeze.

  • Be Realistic and Don’t Pressure Yourself
    Beginning from your exam goals to your timetable, be realistic with your preparation. Good planning from the start will ensure you don’t put yourself in a position of high stress.
  • Find Your Pattern and Work with Yourself
    Know when you can focus best. For instance, if you concentrate well in the morning, then design your timetable and sleep time in a way that you allot most of your study time in the mornings, before lunch.
  • Create Crisp Notes
    Crisp notes will help you recall information quickly. Add headings and subheadings, use highlighters or revision cards, whatever you find the most useful.
  • Solving Question Papers
    Attempting old question papers helps you prepare better. It gives confidence and helps you analyze and identify question patterns and predict question types.
  • Ask for Help
    It is never too late to seek counsel. Approach your parents, friends, and teachers if you are facing a roadblock in certain topics to help you understand the concepts better and ease the stress.
  • Take Breaks in between
    Allow yourself break times in the middle of your study routine as it will only help increase your concentration when you are studying. Also, remember there is a life outside revision and exams. Step outside, play a sport or just refresh your mind by taking a quick walk.

It is also important to focus on these two aspects when preparing for exams. –

Celebrate Mistakes and Remove the ‘Fear of Failure’
We learn from our failures and setbacks. If you make a mistake, don’t be disheartened. Learn from the mistake and ask questions that help you prevent the same or similar mistakes in the future. Ability to learn from mistakes will make you a lifelong learner with the confidence to overcome any challenges.

Focus on ‘Conceptual Understanding’
It is essential that when you are preparing for exams, learn the concept and get clarity about the same. You can enter the amazing world of self-initiated learning where visual learning helps students like start learning on your own, understand and retain complex concepts. Watch ideas and theories come to life through videos and imagery, instead of just reading about it. This drastically improves your retention of concepts, reducing stress levels before exams.

Work towards understanding the learning material and strengthening conceptual understanding, it is the best long-term strategy to pursue. Create an ecosystem where you feel maximally in control while preparing for and writing exams, and one where exams are not perceived as being more crucial than they are. After all, studying to learn, engaging in stimulating discussions and seeking advice and direction from mentors is a much more fun approach that memorizing the course material by-heart.

All the best!

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