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How to Manage Time During Your Exams?

Team StoryWeavers|February 28, 2019|

Time management plays a pivotal role in your exam preparations. But what most of the students don’t realize is the importance of managing time during exams. You may prepare well for your exams but if you do not manage time while attempting a paper, it’ll do no good to you. Mastering the art of managing time effectively and good preparations will take you a long way. And it will also guarantee you good marks.

Here are some interesting time management tips:

Read the Question Paper: As soon as you get your question papers, take a moment to read the questions carefully. To manage time, most students write the answers immediately. This is a wrong move. Instead, take time to analyze the questions as it will help you in strategizing time during exams.

Plan Your Time: Everybody gets three hours to finish an exam paper. So, planning is key when you attempt a paper. Before you answer the questions, take time to assess the questions. For instance, some questions may need a minute to answer, while others may take five minutes. Decide wisely and answer the questions that need less time and then take on the other questions.

Start with Easy Questions: Sometimes, what students do is take on the tough questions in the beginning. That’s not a great strategy, to begin with. When you attempt to answer a tough question, you might get stuck. When this happens, you might lose focus and panic. This will drain your confidence. Instead, answer questions you’re super confident about. It will help you take on tougher questions later.

Learn to Write Quickly: This might be one of the most important tips to keep in mind regarding managing time. Some students find it difficult to finish their exam papers as they cannot write quickly. You can overcome this by practicing previous years’ exam papers and timing it. Besides, good writing instruments will help you in producing handwriting that’s legible.

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