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Tips to Learn Effectively in a Short Time

Team StoryWeavers|December 22, 2022, 15:23 IST|

Have you ever tried to learn several chapters in a short time? Did you resort to cramming a lot of information or using some learning techniques? While on your learning journey, you may have encountered some instances where you would need to study extra lessons within a day or two, which can be stressful. In specific subjects like math or physics, you need to remember a lot of data and formulae, that can feel nerve-racking, isn’t it?

In such occasions where you are tempted to cram information and compromise on rest by putting in extra hours of learning, here are some tips that can help you learn more in less time. 

Prioritise by order of importance 

All concepts and exercises need to be covered thoroughly. However, you can make a list that equates in order of priority and follow it accordingly. This way, you can cover your bases and reduce some stress. But remember to catch up with any concepts that you have earmarked for later!

Refer to class notes

Make it a habit of taking notes during class which results in half job done. During a time crunch, going over those notes will help you recall your syllabus and additional information that your teacher may have shared in class. 

Use memory techniques

Memory techniques work well for subjects like history, where you need to memorise dates and facts. One popular technique is mnemonics, which is using acronyms or rhymes to remember or assimilate information. You can also create stories or narratives to remember the points better. Besides, this technique can speed up the revision process as you simply have to remember the mnemonic or the story to comprehend the entire concept. 

Learn with a study partner

Learning together with a study partner is a practical and a mutually-beneficial solution. You can divide the entire syllabus with your partner and begin by explaining one lesson at a time to each other. It will clear one another’s doubts and help in grasping the concepts effectively in a short period. 

Find your most productive time 

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Find the time of the day when you are your most productive self and plan most of the fresh learning during that time. Studies show that some people are more productive in the morning and learn better. So if mornings are agreeable for you, plan your time accordingly. 

Eliminate distractions

Learning from a combination of sources, including textbooks and digital devices, you would come across various distractions. Considering that you already have less time to study, you could eliminate distractions by downloading study materials beforehand. This helps you avoid the internet, where there is a chance to play a game or discover a funny video!

Take breaks

As contradictory as it may sound, you should take small breaks while you study. When you have marathon study sessions in a short span of time, your brain can become saturated and fatigued. You may end up forgetting some of the information. On the other hand, breaks refresh your brain periodically, enabling you to learn better. 

Now that you have some tips to learn effectively in a short time, share other learning situations that you would want to discuss in the comments. 


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