JEE 2017

Changes In JEE 2017 – “ Take Note ”

Students preparing for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) 2017 should take note of the changes announced by the Union Ministry of ...
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Studious is Dangerous

Being Studious Is Dangerous!

Studious is spending a lot of time studying and yes you read that right; it is indeed dangerous on your ...
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NPS Disaffiliated by CBSE

CBSE disaffiliated Schools under NPS

Recently the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has removed the affiliation for six schools under the National Public Schools(NPS) ...
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Five things that happen when study

Five Things That Happen When You Don’t Understand What You Are Studying

1. You are bored easily!It is a proven theory that if you randomly try to mug up a bunch of ...
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What Is Your Learning Style?

“I hear and I forget. I read, and Remember. I see, I visualize, I understand, and I remember it forever.” ...
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The Curious Case Of Overburdening Of Studies In 11th!

Ever wondered what happens to students that score above 90 percentile in the 10th board examinations? Do they become winners ...
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How To Decide Between ISC And CBSE In Class 12th

Class 11th and 12th are not just first steps towards fulfilling your future goals but may also prove to be ...
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Failed In NEET 2016? Here Is Why Dropping A Year May Be Useful

NEET Phase 1 and NEET Phase 2 results were declared on 17th of this month, and while there were those ...
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Main steps for CBSE Board Exam Preparations

3 Main Steps For CBSE Board Exam Preparations

We all know how important CBSE Class 12 Board Exams are, right?! So, preparing for the exams in the right ...
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CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad

CBSE Group Math Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad or Math Olympiad is renowned for unearthing future mathematical geniuses both at the domestic and international levels ...
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