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Reading Strategies for Deeper Comprehension: Unlocking Your Potential

Team StoryWeavers|August 24, 2023, 14:28 IST| 1

Regardless of what you are reading, it can be irritating to not be able to quickly and effectively absorb what you are reading. It becomes even more confusing and frustrating when there is a time limit and exam pressure involved. None of us want to go through this, and that is why today we will go through a few reading strategies for deeper comprehension of all that we read. 

Reading strategies for better comprehension

Here are some pointers and tricks that can help you read more intently and enjoy deeper comprehension. Let’s go!

  • Selectively highlight text as you read; it could be phrases or keywords. Do remember that highlighting everything will not help. 
  • Make notes in the margin whenever you have any questions, examples and so on. This will make you think beyond just highlighting, which will help you remember the information better. You can start by asking ‘wh-questions’, like who, what, where, how and when. 
  • Pay attention to the signposts signalling what is happening in the text. It will help you understand the relationships between different ideas. Signposts are words like furthermore, in contrast and however. 
  • Break the text into smaller, more manageable phrases. You can also schedule regular breaks. Another crucial rule to keep in mind is to never go on without first looking up any unfamiliar words. It will ensure seamless comprehension.  
  • Before getting into reading mode, remind yourself of the purpose of reading a particular text. It will set you up for success as you read more intently. 
  • Sit in a quiet room away from distractions and background noise. You will be able to focus on the text and absorb it better in a conducive environment. 

All of these techniques will enable you to comprehend the text better. Once you have understood the text, you should engage in reflection upon what you have just learnt. Do make an effort to cross-reference with other ideas and concepts you have learnt. It can help deepen your understanding of the subject and the intricacies involved. 

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I liked this blog a lot well written


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