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Friendship Day DIY Special – A Greeting Card For Your Best Friend

Team StoryWeavers|May 19, 2023, 13:28 IST| 14


Hi young learners, 

I am Todd, your favourite DIY expert. This time around I am going to help make your Friendship Day all the more special by teaching you how to make a greeting card for your friends. You can use this, along with a friendship band, to surprise your bestie and make them feel loved!

Do you want to see how to make it? Let’s go!

Here’s what you need:

Materials required

  1. A coloured sheet of paper

  2. A pair of scissors

  3. A pencil

  4. A set of sketch pens 

  5. Colour pencils


1. Take a coloured sheet of paper of your favourite colour.


2. Fold it into half


3. Draw a circle close to the folded edge. Here’s how it should look.


4.  Cut along the circle. The base of your card is ready.


5. Flip it open and check to see whether it looks like this.


6. On the front-facing page of the card draw a pair of eyes and a smile, or any other picture you want.


7. Fill it with some colour!


8. Flip it open and write your Friendship Day message inside! You can also add a doodle that you like to beautify and personalise your greeting card!

Do tell us in the comments section how your friends reacted to this thoughtful gesture of yours. Happy Friendship Day!

About the Author

Coupling her love for children with a zeal for writing, Sonakshi pens down words to make even the smallest difference in the lives of young readers. She believes words are a powerful tool that, when used wisely, can bring about a positive difference. In her spare time, she likes to prop open a book, scribble poetry, or go out on long walks for any stroke of inspiration!

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August 14, 2022

We tried
Its so superb
Janani was very enjoyed
Thank you for this activity.


August 10, 2022

So creative…


August 7, 2022

Super Gift Card


August 7, 2022

Very good idea. We make a card.


August 7, 2022

Thank u and same to u . Before this l don’t know how to make a card but today I learnt thank u very much


August 7, 2022



August 7, 2022

It’s nice greeting card


August 7, 2022

Thank your all theachrs and friend byjus


August 7, 2022

Happyy Friendship day💖


August 7, 2022

I will try this greeting card ofcaourse.. this is superb😊👌


August 7, 2022



August 7, 2022



August 7, 2022

It’s creative and it’s really impressive and Happy Friendship Day to you


August 7, 2022

Happy friendship day


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