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How to Draw Cats in Six Different Ways

Team StoryWeavers|April 10, 2023, 12:40 IST| 2

How to draw cats: A step by step guide

Cats are cute, fluffy, cuddly and loved by all. Learning how to draw a cat is a simple way to express your affection towards this adorable animal. That’s why today we will show you six different ways to draw cats.

Hurry up and grab a paper, pencil and eraser. 

Let’s draw cats!

Geometric cat

Think of all the shapes you have learnt so far and use that knowledge to create a geometric cat using triangles, circles and semicircles! 

how to draw a cat using shapes

Sleeping cat

Who doesn’t love to nap? Take inspiration from your last nap and sketch this peaceful sleeping cat in just a few steps!

how to draw a sleeping cat

Happy cat 

Draw this happy cat in six simple steps. To make it extra fun, think about toys and other objects that you think will make this cat happy!

how to draw a happy cat

Chubby cat 

Most of us have seen a chubby cat around us at least once. So, draw this one carefully and colour it to make it look like the last chubby cat you saw.

how to draw a chubby cat

Cat in a cup 

Get creative and draw this adorable cat who is sitting cosily inside this big cup and is ready to say, “Boooooo!” 

how to draw a cat in a cup

Cute cat

Did you know that numbers can help you draw? Think about this as you draw this cute cat and colour it with your favourite colours. 

how to draw a cat using numbers

Did you have fun drawing cats using this step-by-step guide? Do you know any other way of drawing a cat? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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February 2, 2023

It was so fun 😃 and learning


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