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7 New Age Careers To Explore That Never Existed Before

Team StoryWeavers|September 09, 2022, 15:23 IST|

The future is here! We live in a time and age where many things humans thought were impossible, have become possible! Today we can fly, we can see and talk to people who are thousands of miles away, and we can even have our floors cleaned by tiny trotting robots. Just like these amazing inventions and additions to modern life, there are the amazing creators behind them. A plane would need teams of engineers to build it, pilots to fly it, and safety specialists to make sure everything runs smoothly.

With all our advancements in technology, infrastructure, and culture, human beings are creating new and innovative things at an incredible pace. Learn about some of the most innovative and new-age careers below and find out if one of them catches your eye!

Blockchain engineer

Blockchain is essentially a digital ledger system that records transactions made in a digital currency called ‘cryptocurrency.’ The system is maintained across several computers that are linked together. Blockchain is often thought of only in association to cryptocurrency but it has far-reaching uses in all industries that need to secure digital assets and data, including finance, banking, healthcare, and now even real estate! A blockchain engineer’s role can include looking at all aspects of a blockchain network’s designing, developing, and functioning.

Podcast Producer

A podcast producer wears many hats! A podcast is an audio programme, much like programs on talk radio back in the day. As a user you can subscribe to different podcasts of your interests. A podcast producer’s work includes overseeing production, conducting research, scheduling, direction, editing, and behind-the-scenes interaction. As the producer, they usually also lead the members of the crew or team that works on the podcast. You can call them the creative genius behind the show that goes on!

User/Customer Experience

User experience designer curates a product experience using design thinking that lets a consumer reach their goal in the easiest and fastest way. They conduct a lot of user research and data analytics in order to do this. A customer experience designer does this specifically to enhance a customer’s experience throughout all their interactions with the organisation or brand. You can also choose to be a user interface designer, they focus on the aesthetic aspect of design by using visual design principles.

Data Scientist

A data scientist’s work involves using programming languages, mathematics, and statistics to curate large amounts of data that are collected from research. This ‘curation’ refers to the process of taking the massive amount of information present and through various steps, distilling it into a usable form so that it can help the organisation or business. Companies hire data scientists to mine the data, clean and present the data, as well as to analyse it to look for insights, patterns, and trends.


Genetics is a subset of biology that looks at genes, heredity, mutations and more. A Geneticist’s work is to study genes and the science of heredity, or inherited traits passed down through generations. There are many areas of study in genetics including laboratory and medical geneticists, research geneticists, and genetic counsellors. There are also environmental geneticists who study how environmental factors interact with genes.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants work to collect and analyse data, identify problems, and design solutions to sustainability-related areas within an organisation. Their work also includes creating policies and processes that help the organisation succeed while creating as little environmental impact as possible.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence or AI is the branch of computer science that builds smart machines that can perform tasks which generally require human intelligence. AI scientists create programs and software in order to ease the tasks of humans in the future by building machines that will be able to make decisions without too much human involvement. These specialists work with innovative technology to gather data, create algorithms and build new kinds of machines and devices.

Have these inspired you to think of new career paths? Did you find these careers interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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