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Indian Army Day: Top STEM Career Options in Defense

Team StoryWeavers|January 15, 2022, 07:00 IST| 29

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This Army Day, we bring to you a list of top career options in defence for doctors and engineers. If you have a passion for science and service, then here are some interesting STEM careers in the army that you can pursue.

Corps of Engineers

This is one of the oldest organisations in the Indian Army. It contains three divisions – Combat Engineers, Military Engineering Service (MES), Border Roads Organisation. Combat Engineers are further divided into Madras, Bengal, and Bombay Sappers. Sappers are qualified engineers who are also trained in combat. The word ‘sappers’ is derived from the technical term – sapping – which essentially means digging trenches on the battlefield.

  • Combat Engineers
    The primary role of combat engineers is to enable the movement of the Indian Army during war and peacetime. These engineers construct bridges, highways, helipads, airfields, lay mines, etc. on the fronts. Combat engineers are also trained in armed conflict and they fight alongside the infantry in wars.
  • Military Engineering Services
    MES is regarded as one of the largest construction agencies in the country. It is a premier engineering arm of the defence ministry that supports the army, navy, and airforce. MES engineers are responsible for the construction, maintenance of buildings, dock installations, military roads, furniture, etc. required by the army. They also help in the construction of national highways in the country.
  • Border Roads Organisation
    As the name suggests, this unit is responsible for constructing roads in inaccessible areas which are also the borders of the country – such as the Himalayan mountains, Thar Desert, North Eastern terrain, etc. They are also responsible for aiding the movement of troops stationed in remote areas. The construction initiatives of the Border Roads Organisation have greatly contributed to the economic development of these areas.

How To Join the Indian Army Corps of Engineers?
To join the Corps of Engineers in the Indian Army, you need to have a PCM combination in class XII. You also need to qualify for JEE and complete BE/BTech in civil or mechanical engineering. You will be required to apply through technical entries such as TES (Technical Entry Scheme) and TGC (Technical Graduate Course) for a permanent commission. You may also apply through SSC (Tech) – Short Service Commission. Women are not eligible for combat roles. However, they can apply for other engineering services.

Corps of Signals

Corps of Signals is a combat-supporting arm of the Indian Army. It provides full-scale communication and cybersecurity to the three forces – army, navy, and airforce – during war and peacetime. Their main focus is creating a suave system of integrated communication between the headquarters and the troops on the ground. They also contribute to the intelligence network that helps the army.

Corps of Signals is colloquially known as the nerves of the army because the troops receive information through the foremen of signals or information warriors, and the said intelligence is processed into an action plan at the headquarters by senior officers. Corps of Signals play a crucial role today in times of technological warfare.

How To Join the Indian Army Corps of Signals?
To join the Corps of Signals in the Indian Army, you need to have a PCM combination in class XII. You also need to qualify for JEE and complete BE/BTech in electronics or computer science. Both men and women can apply through TES, TGC and SSC (Tech) routes.

army doctor, army nurse, military engineering service, army medical corps, army engineer

Army Medical Corps

Indian Army Medical Corps is a specialised unit that provides medical services to all army personnel and their families. You can apply to join the corps after graduation as a commissioned officer and rise up the ranks. You can apply through both short service commission and permanent commission entries to become a medical officer.

How To Join the Army Medical Corps?
To join AMC, you will need to opt for PCB in Class XII and qualify for NEET. If you get the opportunity to complete your medical course from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune then the chances of you getting a permanent commission are higher because of the reservation policy. About 50% of the graduates get a PC and the remaining 50% get an SSC. In the SSC route, you are required to serve a minimum period of 7 years and this can be extended to another 7 years. Making the total tenure 14 years after the extensions. Additionally, graduates from civil medical colleges recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI) can become commissioned officers through the same route. The maximum age limit is 45 years. Both male and female graduates (including MD, MS, MCH, DM) may join as medical officers.

Army Dental Corps

Indian Army Dental Corps is a specialised unit that provides dental services to all army personnel, including veterans and their families. You can apply to join these corps as a dental officer.

How To Join the Army Dental Corps?
To join the ADC, the requirements are similar to those of the medical corps. You will need to complete your BDS/MDS from an army dental college or a DCI recognised college. You will also need to complete a year of internship recognised by the DCI and obtain a dental certificate. You can join the corps through the SSC, where the tenure is 5 years. It can be extended for 5 more years and then another 4 years, making it a total of 14 years. Once you finish 2 years of the SSC, you are eligible to apply for a permanent commission.

Remount Veterinary Corps

This is one of the oldest units responsible for breeding, rearing, and training all the animals used in the Indian Army.

How to join the Remount Veterinary Corps?
Only male candidates can apply through SSC after completing a BVSc/AH degree from any of the recognised Indian universities or its equivalent foreign degree. On clearing the interview, you will be commissioned at the rank of captain. You will receive training at the RVC Centre & College, Meerut. Your total tenure can last up to 10 years.

In a nutshell, these are some of the top career opportunities available for those interested in working in the Indian Army. To be eligible for the aforementioned roles, all candidates have to clear medical fitness tests at designated centres and clear the SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview.

Do these career opportunities interest you? Which one would you like to pursue? Tell us in the comments below.

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