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Explore the world of documentaries this summer holidays!

Team StoryWeavers|May 06, 2019, 11:11 IST| 101

Summer vacations can’t get any better when you have all the time to learn new things. Did you know that you could learn from movies? Yes, you heard that right! Wondering what genre of movies can be entertaining, visually stunning and at the same time make you think?  It’s documentaries. These non-fiction films open your eyes to the world and change the way you see it.

For example, did you know that 90% of the processed food in an average supermarket is nothing, but a different form of corn?  Documentary film Food, Inc. explores the facts behind the everyday food and how big corporations impact our health. Documentaries capture reality and aid in imparting information or document the past. In yet another example, Disney documentary Oceans explores the marine life of the five oceans of the planet. This visually rich ‘Nature’ documentary captures ocean life like no other.    

That’s the thing about documentaries, they never fail to entertain their audience. These films blend information and art to impart education. They open the gates of knowledge that is usually not in the curriculum.

Now, don’t you think you have every reason this summer to watch documentaries?

Keeping this in mind, BYJU’S – The Learning App has come up with a fantastic contest – BYJU’S Docufest-2019. All you have to do is watch documentaries and win goodies. After a lot of screening, we have chosen three movies for three categories (Class 4-6, Class 7-9 and Class 10-12).

Below is a brief summary of each movie so you have an idea about them.

Rules for BYJU’S Docufest-2019

  • Watch the film and send us a review in about 150 to 200 words max
  • Send your reviews to on or before May 13, 2019
  • Top three reviews will win surprise gifts

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and gear up to immerse yourself in a great movie watching experience!

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June 5, 2020

Hi I am Avani in 5th I did not see the blog but I will see the movie??️??️?

Sahil kiran khairnar

May 27, 2020

Hii anushka

Sahil kiran khairnar

May 27, 2020

THANKS byjus I’m 7 standard


January 27, 2020

Iam class 12 & I watched the documentary of climate challenge it is very good to us


January 22, 2020

I am very sad that it is 2019 because it is 2020 now and I cannot join this i was very excited about this ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️


June 6, 2019

Hi byju’s yes documentaries are great


June 3, 2019

When will the results be announced?


May 30, 2019

Ma’am when will the results be announced??

Pradeep mishra

May 26, 2019

Thanks Byjus for this great information I will surely watch this movie
I am in 10th


May 24, 2019

I’ll make my own documentary ?

Krishna Keshab Banik

May 23, 2019

Thanks for this, I got much information about the ice bergs watching the documentary…..I will like to watch more such documentary film and like to know more.


May 20, 2019

Am I too late to participate

Prachi Arora

May 19, 2019

I am in 7th and I will surely watch the documentary chasing ice


May 15, 2019

Awesome idea to enjoy summer holidays


May 14, 2019

I am gonna watch India,The climate change!!!!

Adithya pradeep

May 14, 2019

I am in 8th and can I participate

Stuti Gupta

May 13, 2019

It’s a awesome platform to compete I’m in class 7 and it’s a lovely movie Chasing Ice ❄☃️

Anumeha khare

May 13, 2019

Thanks byju’s for such a brilliant info. I will definitely watch this
Documentary “chasing ice” and will send you the review


May 13, 2019

This brilliant way to enjoy holidays byjus is so fantastic

Shibam Nath

May 12, 2019

Thanks BYJUS.. I will definitely watch the video

Siddhi Singh

May 12, 2019

Thanks byjus l will definitely watch Jane l am so excited???


May 12, 2019

Hey!!Thank you Byjus, I will try to write a review!!! I am in class 8 and I will be watching the movie : chasing ice ❄️❄️

Kamakhya singh

May 12, 2019

Would definetly love to see the movie for a better learning ….its kamakhya from class 9?

Ishita pandey

May 11, 2019

I want gift.

S. Tharunkumar

May 11, 2019

Thanks a lot Byju’s for introducing me to the wonderful documentary the Chasing Ice.


May 11, 2019

Thank you byjus for making our vacation something useful


May 10, 2019

Having FuN? with learning?️‍?
while you contribute in
making world? a better place
is SUPER fun?….
3 cheers! for ⭐BYJU’S and BYJUITES

Uday Pravin jirwankar

May 10, 2019

I had watched the video,the best line I heard was
“My stomach don’t know that my pocket is empty”

MD shaad khan

May 10, 2019

Thnanx Byjus I am in class 8 I will watch the movie


May 10, 2019

Thank you Byjus….I’m in 9th class . I will definitely watch the movie “Chasing Ice”❄️❄️❄️and I will definitely write my review.?

Arpit Gupta

May 10, 2019

Thanks byjus for giving this great idea to utilise this boring time of summer holidays. As per this article, I will definitely watch this movie..


May 10, 2019

Thanks a lot byjus?
I am in 12 standard. I am very excited that because of this docufest
I am also watch the document India:the climate challenge

Nishtha Jain

May 10, 2019

Thanks Byjus for organising this contest I am in class 9th

Shavul Hameed

May 10, 2019

Thanks for this information
I will watch all the movies
I am going to 10class


May 10, 2019

Such an inspirational movie. More than just a video, a turning back to ourselves. Thank you so much

Rishab Sangwan

May 9, 2019

Hi, my name is Rishab I am in grade 5 and I want to know how to watch movie Jane


May 9, 2019

Thnku so much byju i will have fun with chasing ice

Gurdev Singh

May 9, 2019

: I like byjus this help me solve question and if I don’t understand I study in byjus thanks byjus and I am in 8 class and I see casing ive


May 9, 2019

How to watch movie

Abhijaat Chandra

May 9, 2019

Can I also participate in this contest?
Class eighth ICSE BOARD

kritin aggarwal

May 9, 2019

hi, i m in class 9, from where we will get the movie.

Dhruvi Dronawat

May 9, 2019

How to participate in this activity


May 9, 2019

Thanks Byjus for such a information and sure I will watch the movie chasing ise ?


May 9, 2019

I am in 9th standard ,I am going to watch this documentary and will be sending its review soon.

Tejasvi Ranjan

May 9, 2019

Thanks a lot


May 9, 2019

And yes thanks Byju’s?.


May 9, 2019

Chasing ice was a super fantastic documentary. It was all about the
Glaciers and ice I have also got some new words like nug,triginity

Akanksha Prajapati

May 9, 2019

I am in 12th and I will watch the movie the climate challenge
I am very excited about this ????


May 9, 2019

Thanks byjus for a great information I am in 10 and I will watch the movie The Climate Challenge – Founders Valley

Utkarsh Batra

May 8, 2019

Thanks Byju’s ?.I will definitely watch the movie India The climate challenge-Founders valley.

Yashika Gehlot

May 8, 2019

Thanks for your hardwork for motivating children to learn.I’ll watch these documentaries.


May 8, 2019

Byju’s, thank you so much for making one of my fantasies come true about writing a review! Even though I may not win, but it’s the chance to do that counts! And documentaries are indeed very interesting and informative..?


May 8, 2019

Nice and interesting


May 8, 2019

Thanks byju’s for informationI will watch Jane movie

Hansika Prajapati

May 8, 2019

Thanks byjus for such an exiting program for summers

Aaryan Rathee

May 8, 2019

I’m in 8th standard and I will participate in this competition and show my skills.Thank you Byju’s for introducing this competition to all of us.

Rwitayan roy

May 8, 2019

Thank you for this to give us a golden


May 8, 2019

Thank you byjus team for this summer camp I will participate in this ?? I will watch movie jane

C. Lathasree

May 8, 2019

Thanks a lot byjus for clarifying all my doubts


May 8, 2019

This is a brilliant and thoughtful movie I am in class 6 I watch the ice chase

Ila Parashar

May 8, 2019

I am in 6th
I will watch JANE
Love you byju’s


May 8, 2019

Thanks byju’s for the great info im in std 7 and im going to watch all three movies

Hermoine Granger

May 8, 2019

Thanks for the info BYJU’S. Will surely participate. I am in 7th and will see and review the movie CHASING ICE❄❄⛄
Also I will try out the other documentaries just for gain of knowledge.


May 8, 2019

I am definitely going to participate


May 8, 2019

Same here


May 8, 2019

This is an excellent idea to make the young generation to
Know about the real facts n experience of the society n surrounding s

Abhipsa Chatterjee

May 8, 2019

Thanks ,but where should we send the review

Shivashish Tiwari

May 7, 2019

Sir farmers are the only person who takes care of our food like mother and when their crops destroyed they commit Suicide so by this video I learn that respect farmers and they respect you by giving their food

Sudiksha Das

May 7, 2019

Thanks Byju’s for providing such wonderful information time to time for our knowledge and upliftment.


May 7, 2019

Thankuuu byjus… ur great info!!?feeling joyful by taking part in it.

Mirra Raman

May 7, 2019

I’m moving on to grade VIII. I would love to watch Chasing Ice and send my review. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Byju.

Aaska keshari

May 7, 2019

Thanks byjus for such a brilliant info
I’m in 8thand i will watch the movie chasing ice


May 7, 2019

Ok thanks a million Byju’s . I’ll sure participate.. . I’ll have to do chasing ice… I watched the movie. It was so moving…????

Aakriti Gupta

May 7, 2019

Thank you so much …. I was really bored during my summer vacation… very excited to watch the documentary

Anushka singh

May 7, 2019

Nice,or I mean a great idea…Really. I am in class 9th and I will definitely watch the movie chasing ice❄❄


May 7, 2019

Thank you soo much byju sir for being not only our teacher of academics but also our knowledge improver and aware us for the thing not only happened in past but also happening ri8 now.
I am a class 10 student who because of you started not only enjoy learning but also living the respective situations.
Environmental change is a concerning issue in today’s world our resources are degrading in such a manner that it will lead us to nothing but a disaster.
After watching documentry I have gained as well as added some new and an amount of some extra knowledge regarding climate changes and how they affect farmers as well as us.


May 7, 2019

That’s such a smart way of keeping
Children engaged during vacations !


May 7, 2019

Thanks byju’s for such information. I’m 12th and I will watch the movie the climate challenge


May 7, 2019

Hats off to the Byju’s team….working so hard for children across Asia …I really love Byju’s and hope to work there sometime when I grow up like my cousin hoping to win one of em’ prizes

Diya Raj

May 7, 2019

I’m a ninth grade student ? and I will watch chasing ice….?☃❄


May 7, 2019

Thanks for organising many contest. I am a 9th grader and I will surely see and send a review ?….
Thanks Byju’s……..


May 7, 2019

Thanks a lot
Byjus For all these amazing and fun-filled contests.I am in class 10 and will watch
India: The climate challenge

Hiten Bora

May 7, 2019

Thank you


May 7, 2019

It’s a great app for all self learners.Thanks to team BYJUS

Ayana Sameer n Ayra Sameer

May 7, 2019

thank you BYJUS …I m Ayana n my twin sister is Ayra….we both love watching movies … we are in grade 7 we’ll watch chasingIce documentary movie.

sameer rawal

May 7, 2019

Thank you byju’s for giving suggestion for this movie Jane Goodall is working harder than ever — at 82, she travels 300 days a year, speaking about climate change and endangered species. She sits down for a conversation she I’
is a real hero
of wild animale


May 7, 2019

I like byjus this help me solve question and if I don’t understand I study in byjus thanks byjus and I am in 8 class and I see casing ive

Khushi Mathur

May 7, 2019

Thank you Byjus….I will definitely watch the movie Jane and try to write a review on it.

Khushi Mathur
Class 4


May 7, 2019

Can I participate in this activity I am in class 8 and how to get the movies


May 6, 2019

Thanks Byju’s for such a brilliant info.??
I’m in 9th and I will watch the movie Chasing Ice ❄


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