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Exploring health and its elements

Team StoryWeavers|April 06, 2019, 09:28 IST| 57

Every year WHO celebrates World Health Day on April 7. It’s one of the specialised agencies of the United Nations that promotes health, keeps the world safe, and serve the vulnerable. Interestingly, World Health Day is one of the eight health campaigns founded by WHO and has been celebrated each year since 1950. This is the 69th year of World Health Day.

What does it mean to be healthy?

  • Is it living an illness free life?
  • Or being energetic throughout the day?
  • How about a happy, stress-free life?

While all these statements are true in their own ways, it’s important to know the right definition of the term health. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (read physical or mental weakness).” A healthy person is a balanced person, someone who is physically fit, mentally sharp and socially positive. In order to realise this objective, WHO comes up with a theme every year to make it a reality.

This World Health Day, let’s know what these aspects are all about and how we can strike a perfect balance among them.  

Physical health

Good physical health and fitness go hand in hand. First, let’s understand what it means to be physically fit. If you can do these tasks easily in your day-to-day life, you get brownie points for it.   

  • You enjoy activities like walking, running, jumping or swimming
  • You are comfortable climbing stairs, cycling, dancing or playing outdoors
  • You are energetic throughout the day
  • You’re sick or injured occasionally

Mental health

In brief, mental or emotional health is all about feeling good and positive about yourself and life in general. Check out the list below to know what accounts for good mental health.

  • You like yourself
  • You can understand and talk about how you feel
  • You can control your emotions when necessary
  • You understand to a great extent why you feel angry, happy, sad or excited

Social health

Social health is feeling positive about interactions with others and the world around you. Being socially healthy means having positive equations with people around you.  

  • You are friends with your parents, classmates, neighbours (maybe even siblings!)
  • You respect others
  • You care for your near and dear ones
  • You don’t enjoy hurting others

Let’s aim to create that perfect balance as healthy people create a healthy world.

BYJU’S wishes all of you a healthy, happy World Health Day.

Did you know?

  1. Exercising on a stationary bike for 15 minutes burns as many calories as laughing 100 times.
  2. Your heartbeat syncs with the rhythm of the music you listen to.
  3. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

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June 9, 2019

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May 29, 2019

Health is wealth


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May 20, 2019

Thank you. Bujus now we will celebrate this on every April 7.I t is a good n useful
Information about health . Today onwards i will keep myself healthy and active Thank u Bujus


May 16, 2019

Live Love laugh is the best life mantra to live a healthy and happy life ?


May 11, 2019

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April 28, 2019

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Shavul Hameed

April 26, 2019

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April 19, 2019

Health is wealth

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April 18, 2019

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April 15, 2019

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April 11, 2019

This is very useful.It helps us to create blanced life physically, mentally and socially. Thank you byjus.


April 11, 2019

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April 11, 2019

Health is wealth

Aaska keshari

April 10, 2019

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Thank you very much


April 10, 2019

Nice information


April 10, 2019

Thanks for this important information
Happy world health day


April 10, 2019

Keep doing this byjus. Very informative message. Will try to be healthy.

Michael Arul Abel

April 10, 2019

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April 9, 2019

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April 9, 2019

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April 9, 2019

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April 9, 2019

Health is wealth


April 9, 2019

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April 9, 2019

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Siddhi Shetye

April 9, 2019

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April 8, 2019

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April 8, 2019

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April 8, 2019

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April 8, 2019

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April 8, 2019

Health is wealth.


April 8, 2019

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Smriti Sahoo

April 8, 2019

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Sonam Karnal

April 8, 2019

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Byjus is a good learning app. In all aspects. Thanks to byju’s for sharing this info to us.
Pls continue the same.

Sreesini S Nair

April 8, 2019

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April 8, 2019

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April 7, 2019

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Uma A R

April 7, 2019

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Gayathri Anoop

April 7, 2019

It is very much useful to know about all
these things. Thanks to BYJU’S for giving
us such information. I will be trying to
stay healthy all through my life.


April 7, 2019

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Sheril Siby Thomas

April 7, 2019

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Saksham solanki

April 7, 2019

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April 7, 2019

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April 7, 2019

Good health is the greatest wealth


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