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Change Your Life With Growth Mindset

Team StoryWeavers|November 28, 2022, 09:48 IST|
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Did you know, you can train your brain to learn and achieve ANYTHING!?

Yes! You just need to have one magic mantra, Growth Mindset.

At BYJU’S, we strive to help our employees reach their full potential and set them up for success. In line with this ideology, the Mantra for November focused on cultivating a growth mindset.

Growth mindset is a belief that talent, intelligence, and abilities, can be developed further with practice and hard work at any given time in an individual’s life. Inculcating a mindset focused on growth helps achieve more than a fixed mindset (believing that talents are innate gifts).

Wondering where to start? Start with these basic steps:

Change your perspective on failure

Start viewing failure as part of the process of learning and not inability. Even the most talented athletes, artists, and business moguls in the world began as young children with little talent or experience. Try more often and fail more often.

Reflect each day on where you’ve failed (and what you’ve learnt)

At the end of every day, think about the things that didn’t go as planned during the day. What did you learn from that experience? The point isn’t to dwell on the negative or beat yourself up, but to recognize and lock in the learning. 

Start using the word “yet” more often

Whenever you catch yourself thinking “I’m not very good at this,” add the word “yet“. By including it in your vocabulary, you demonstrate that you are capable of overcoming any obstacles. It just takes a little time and effort.

Seek out challenges

Challenge your mindset by seeking out people who think differently. If you have a certain opinion on anything, promote a debate with those who don’t share your opinion and try to see another perspective. 

Take action

Start doing more; explore new passions and stretch your comfort zone. When obstacles get in your way, power through. Don’t give up.

Practical activities to develop a growth mindset:

Negative to Positive 

Write down a list of negative or limiting statements you sometimes make about yourself. Next, add a positive spin on the phrase by merely altering the language you use.

Changing the way you speak can help you feel better about yourself.

Some examples:

Negative Positive
“I don’t believe in myself.” “I believe in myself.”
“I’m not smart enough to do that.” “I AM smart enough to do that.”
“I don’t have good ideas.” “I have good ideas.”
“I’m not an exceptional person.” “I AM an exceptional person.”

Self-Awareness Checklist

You can do this by delivering the questions either orally or by writing them down. As you ask each one, encourage yourself to reflect on the nature of the questions and write down the most honest answers possible. 

I feel I am strong in the areas of _____

I think I am weak in the areas of _____

I learn best when I _____

I feel the most stress when _____

I find that I’m most comfortable when _____

I find that _____ makes me uncomfortable

The thing I need the most help with is _____

I’m most comfortable asking _____ for help 

The 3-2-1 Exercise

3-2-1 consists of asking yourself to consider the following questions at the end of a day or week:

What are the 3 things I’ve learnt?

What are the 2 things I want to learn?

What is the 1 question I still have?

This will help you reflect on your week and give you clarity into your goals so you can do what needs to be done to achieve them.

Do you have any hacks to develop a growth mindset? Let us know in the comments below!

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Rakshanda believes that stories can change the world and loves doing everything to bring them forth. She is a lover of dark humour and doesn’t mean most of it (well, almost!). An exceptional cook from a young age, she adores connecting with people over recipes and hot beverages. She prefers the company of doggos over humans and can be seen adding all things art to her Pinterest board during her free time. Got a recipe to share or story to tell? Reach out to her at

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