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Don’t just make, achieve your New Year resolutions!

Team StoryWeavers|January 27, 2022, 08:17 IST|
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At BYJU’S, we believe in learning, unlearning and relearning. Keeping with this, every month we curate tips and tricks aka Mantras for BYJUites to help them become a better version of themselves – professionally and personally.

In January, the Mantra focuses on, well, the most talked and memed about topic – New Year resolutions. And, yes, how to stick to these resolutions!

We all make New Year resolutions but how many do we end up ticking off our list?

Here are some tips and tricks to make them resolutions last:

Choose very specific, achievable goals

Break down your larger goals into small, quantifiable tasks.

Track them so you know when you’re slacking.


Tell people about your resolutions

Put your resolution on display so you feel obligated and accountable to achieve them.

Commit to others around you for that extra push.


Make a Goal Buddy

Two can be a party too! Compete (healthily), compare and track your progress with a friend with common goals.

Know when to take a break

Take a break in between your tasks. It gives you time to breathe and replenish your energy when things become overwhelming.

It helps increase productivity and gives you that boost when you resume your tasks.


Reward yourself

Bundle your targets with gratifying activities to make the goals more attractive.

Rewards spike dopamine in your brain and increase motivation and productivity. It’s simple science!


ive new habits 3 – 4 weeks to form 

No one is perfect and we all lapse. Get up every time you fall.

Be patient and consistent until the habit becomes your second nature.


DIY your yearly planner

Put those googling skills to use!

Pick an editable planner online and customise it according to your goals. This will help you be on track.



Now that you have the Mantra to make your resolutions stick, get, set going on your way to becoming a super version of You!

Were these Mantras helpful? How do you make your resolutions stick?

Spill your secret and share them in the comments below! We would love to know.

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Rakshanda believes that stories can change the world and loves doing everything to bring them forth. She is a lover of dark humour and doesn’t mean most of it (well, almost!). An exceptional cook from a young age, she adores connecting with people over recipes and hot beverages. She prefers the company of doggos over humans and can be seen adding all things art to her Pinterest board during her free time. Got a recipe to share or story to tell? Reach out to her at

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