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For the love of Mangoes ?

Team StoryWeavers|November 25, 2020, 08:56 IST| 19
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Mangoes — the king of all fruits. Isn’t the love for this luscious golden bliss unmatched? From eating the first batch of mangoes of the season to having a chilled glass of mango shake with ice cream, the sweet pulpy fruit was, is and always will be our forever love. 

It’s not just about eating mangoes, but the memories attached with it that take us back to those carefree childhood days.

Here are a few of our favourite memories associated with Mangoes — the not-so-AAM fruit

  • The excitement of seeing your father coming home with a bag full of sweet-smelling mangoes and gently tossing them in cool water
  • The very first delightful bite of the season — definitely love at first bite! 
  • Climbing trees and plucking those ripe juicy mangoes was a rare treat, wasn’t it?
  • Putting all our hearts into winning the mango-eating competition with cousins. There was no such thing as too many mangoes!
  • The taste of yummy chilled mango shake, topped with nuts and ice cream, on returning home from school on a hot summer day
  • Watching grandma lay pieces of raw mangoes on a sheet to dry on the terrace
  • Later, adding some zing to meals with freshly prepared meetha, teekha and chatpata varieties of mango pickle 
  • Beating the heat with the goodness of Aam Panna and Aamras. Yummmmm!
  • Savouring the richness of the perfectly-sliced mangoes sitting in the backyard on a fine afternoon
  • Enjoying Aam Papad layer by layer 
  • The incomparable joy of shooting down raw mangoes from the neighbours’ trees using slingshots. Later being chased down the orchard by the owner 
  • Enjoying mangoes to the fullest by eating it the ‘right’ way — sucking the pulp and juice straight from the top of the fruit

All these memories have shaped our emotional connection with Mangoes. The unique flavour, fragrance and taste of the sumptuous fruit, along with the memories it brings with it, is engraved deep into our hearts. 

Can you relate to these fond memories?

Share your Mango moments in the comments section below. 🙂

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About the Author

Harshita looks for stories in almost everything. A hopeless dreamer and a movie buff, she is known for laughing at her own jokes and being proud of it. She has a thing for sarcasm, wit and everything savage. A supporter of the underprivileged, she will totally judge you for being rude to the waiter in a restaurant. Loves conspiracy theories and myths and prefers dogs over humans. She is an impulsive writer and hopes to write a book someday.

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Jeeya Arora

September 6, 2020

sharing of mangoes with dadi. After cutting of mangoes dadi use to give sweetest mango for eating
that u eat this mango because this mango is more sweeter.

kittu tyagi

July 26, 2020

Hello I am kittu may favourite fruit is mango this is so yummy. I love mango ?????

Ketan Bagora

July 22, 2020

Really i also love mangoes ?


July 18, 2020

Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


July 12, 2020

Mangos lover


July 10, 2020

That really dragged me to my childhood days a very good story one experience I loved to share was when I use to steal mangoes secretly from home and run to my terrace to savour another fruit for the day ? That is more sweeter than one served for me


July 10, 2020

This happened during summer vacations when I used to visit my village. I was 6 years old my grandpa was cutting the mangoes and distributed to my cousins but didn’t give me even though I was the first person to stand in the queue so I got angry and slapped my grandpa with the steel plate I was holding in the hand, which the whole family remembers even now.

Sudha Anantha Krishnan

July 10, 2020

My Mango moments:
Mangoes…. they bring in a panorama of memories, spanning over a large spectrum. Not an year has passed without relishing mangoes.
Tastes apart, mangoes were a part of childhood memories. Targeting my neighbour’s fruits, while ignoring the ones on our tree, bribing younger kids for a favour, and showing off the boat shaped sliced raw mangoes garnished with salt and chilli powder to friends to get that ‘high’,and the list goes on and on.One of the crazy memories that comes up was during my uncle’s wedding. My cousins, both older to me, teased me by not giving me share of mangoes. I got so wild, that I bit one of my cousin brothers and he got so scared, that he went off and returned with a cloth bundle of mangoes. But as fate would have it, I did not get to have a single slice also, as my mother punished me by banning me to taste the fruits, as I had left a deep scar in my cousin’s arm. Also, she didn’t allow me to wear flowers for the wedding, which I used to fancy much, as a part of extended punishment. I finally accepted as I knew throwing tantrums would never work with my mother.

Emami Shaik

July 10, 2020

Childhood and mangoes are love

Emami Shaik

July 10, 2020

I remember when i was kid, I along with my sibling and cousins rushed to grandma’s house to enjoy holidays.
Yes, how can I forget the taste of the mangoes which we used to rob from the neighbor’s house those two huge mango trees.
Roars of neighbor aunt…. And eating the stuff which was dried in the traces for pickles and the yummy juices…
After reading this I remember all my childhood days. Thank You!!!!!!

Rishabh Kumar

July 10, 2020

We have three mango trees in our garden so every year like a ritual, I used to climb on the tree with a carry bag tied to a rope. Pluck all the mangos and my parents used to pull the bag towards them. I used identify one sweet one and pluck it for myself and sit on the top branch of the tree itself and watch the sun getting disappeared.

Ashok Aerat

July 10, 2020

Thanks a ton for this joyous and emotional write up!
How can I forget the innumerable occasions of the not-so-small ants biting the hell out of me and my friends every time we tried to climb the mango trees to pluck the perfectly shaped and ‘injury-free’ mangoes. ?
I would also like to take this opportunity to state that the 30-40 Rs ka bottled mango “juice” is a crime towards humanity, or kam se kam, towards my childhood. ??‍♂️?

Ashish R

July 10, 2020

My first gardening effort was planting two mango kernels in the backyard.
Surprisingly the plants grew and are now huge trees which give us a lot of shade and yes a lot of mangoes.
“As u sow, so shall you reap”


July 10, 2020

One fruit that is loved by all and got everyone together at the dining table for a delicious meal.

vardan singh

July 10, 2020

I love to eat mangoes as in childhood days I go to my
mangoes orchard and break them .Those time is
totally amazing that sweet fresh mangoes are
very tasteful or delicious .

Mohammed Zayeem

July 10, 2020

You don’t need to wait for summer, imagine the mix of raw mango,salt and chilli powder. Heavenly, palatable, Mouthwatering, etc. etc.

Renju Rajeev

July 10, 2020

Throwing stones at mangoes after school with friends.

Adrian Roy

July 10, 2020

One of my favorite fruits
#byjus #mangoes #employeeengagement #corporatecommunications #july #mangoseason #brandmarketing #mangomemories

Krushna landge

July 10, 2020

My memories are like… We had so much mango trees, surrounded our house
We used to climb the tree and collect them.
Sometimes we used to go to the neighbors house, to stole the mangoes.?
And they used to run after us for their mangoes those are sweet memories.


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