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Bookworm or a Shuffler? Reveal Your Reading Personality With This Fun Quiz

Team StoryWeavers|June 21, 2021, 13:54 IST| 18
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No two readers are the same. From trendsetters who make sure they get their hands on what’s popular to the crusaders of ‘classics’ we have either seen them or are one of them. There is also the obsessive reader who insists on finishing what they have started, the hoarder who barely reads but hoards, the re-reader who has separation anxiety from their favourite book, the loyalist who finds out all the literary works (even the journals) of their favourite author… and the list goes on.

If all this book talk has left you wondering which category you belong to, how would you like to take a quiz to find out?

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Carefully read the statements given below
  • For each statement that holds true for you, give yourselves 10 points
  • If you don’t fully agree but relate a little, then make it 5 points
  • Your total score will reveal what kind of reader (we think) you are

Are you ready for this?

Now, do some of that basic mathematics. Got the scores handy? Then continue reading!

The results are in, folks!

Do you agree with the results? Even if you don’t, the point is that you have taken the quiz and reached this part of the article. This means we are all united by our collective love for books here. Books make the best gifts and reading will forever be one of the most fruitful habits. So this National Reading Day, tell us what your current read is and why you love it.

Tell us in the comments section below!


About the Author

A passionate writer and a compulsive photographer, Fathima is fascinated by people and their stories. Besides her brief stint in advertising, she's worked over four years as an art and culture journalist where she’s written extensively on music, theatre, and films. In love with cameras, colours, and compositions, she likes to watch life one frame at a time and hopes to tell stories the best way she can.

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Iphat Chaudhary

July 11, 2021

I’m more than these points….but this trick is good to know yourself

Pavan Kumar

June 19, 2021

Current Reading: Why I am Hindu..?
Written by Shashi Tharoor.
Illiterates too read the books in a passive way by the author point where they is come from book readers.

Vishal Dixit

June 18, 2021

I’m on the 5th Book of Harry Potter series which is Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix . Being a Potterhead from school time and after the movies Books were my favourite thing to relive the magical experience of Hogwarts but its a shame to return to Muggle world after I finish one chapter daily. ?

Vydesh K M

June 18, 2021

Current read: IKIGAI by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles
I am laid-back reader, I love the smell of books especially new once so once am fed up or irritated I prefer reading.

Md Imran

June 18, 2021

This is how I had been read by.You got my back. I was literally thinking at first as what will be the prediction of the type of reader anyone can be.But when I come across the icons contain the perfect examples of how a reader want to convey about them. A reader is no one but just an explorer.Explore new places either can be known by going there or just by reading about it from the books. So be an explorer. Who you are, what you are watching on daily basis, where you are, these all are habitual and obvious but just come out from that world to find a new world just by reading a new book or by knowing a new Language. I hope so you get my point. Love reading this. Encourage reading to be gotten the best healer for you.

fatima firoz

June 18, 2021

Books are essential part of life. Before i thought it was only me who relates any individual ever crossed by the characters of the book i read previously. Overall books helps in overcoming and gaining confidence in several phases of life.. Soon going to be shuffler.. right now im a laid-back reader ?

Shashank Dubey

June 18, 2021

Hey! So, I am currently reading this really interesting book called “The Night Circus”. I have been having it in my Goodreads “Books to Read” folder for quite some time now. Had heard a lot about it, the magic in the words, the magic in the story which takes your imagination to a whole new level. It’s pretty exciting to read that book so far. The characters are really interesting and the way this story builds up is something that has the potential to keep any reader fixed to it.

Chandrabali Das

June 18, 2021

A shuffler!

Shubham Singh

June 18, 2021

Books are essential part of life. Before i thought it was only me who relates any individual ever crossed by the characters of the book i read previously. Overall books helps in overcoming and gaining confidence in several phases of life.. Soon going to be shuffler.. right now im a laid-back reader 🙂

Aditi Mishra

June 18, 2021

I’m completely a bookworm. I Love reading M. Laxmikanth where I get to know how my country works, History of Modern India by BIPIN CHANDRA….I love to know about How the Whole World Works….Have a very keen intrest in Newspaper as well…..
Some Most scientific books I have read is G.C. Leong…..Indian Geography by Kullar. It is ver fascinating to know why there are differences among the two regions be it city or States or Countries. And being in a Growing company where BYJUS is about to Launch Its First IPO I had read Ramesh Singh on Indian Economy how we help in a company growing in a Country Growing and ofcourse Indian Art and Culture by NITIN SINGHANIA with the beauty of my country and its Soft Power…. and Alas the Need of the hour to Save the Environment ….so SHANKAR ENVIRONMENT and being a good employing and following the Ethical Code of Conduct soo ETHICS INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE by Lexicon and G. Subha Rao. Apart from this 23 NCERT books for the BASE…………
My Favourite Book is Transforming Indians To Transform India

Bidisha das

June 18, 2021

Okay, my score is 75. No, seeing dog eared pages doesn’t makes my toes curl. And YES! I never go anywhere without books. I love to read, the smell of new book makes me feel better every time. Currently I am reading “First Person” by Rituporno Ghosh. Happy National Reading Day!

Vidya Gopinath

June 18, 2021

Ahh. I am a shuffler, for sure. 65-60 points I bagged.

Atul singh

June 18, 2021

Reading personality, life at bujus

Keshika Keekan

June 18, 2021

I am a shuffler, trying to be a book worm!! Currently, I am reading “Train to Pakistan”. I bought this book long back. From the title I imagined that the book must be full of violence and hence I placed it in quarantine for more than a year. During this lockdown, I made up my mind and gave it a good start. I never knew that I loved history. I must agree that I started searching for more historical Novels and writings. All thanks to Khushwant Singh.

Deepthi TVN

June 18, 2021

I’m absolutely a bookworm. I totally relate to each and everything mentioned here. I loved the part where you relate an individual with your favorite fictional character. That’s where I was glued to. I stuck to that point and my brain wandered everywhere to get hold of my current fictional character.
As far as my current read, I’m reading Secret Son by Laila Lalami. It’s a contemporary Moroccan tale. This book talks about Youssef El-Mekki who was brought up by his single mother in shady and shabby places of Casablanca to go on live with his rich businessman aka dead father who turns out to be alive. The life of Youssef takes a turnaround as his city is hit by a group of terrorists. The book emphasizes cultural conflicts, gender, diversity, and political conflicts among Islamic states. I totally enjoyed the read as it gave me a glimpse of Morocco and the psychological aspects of families and so on.

I’m a highbrow and a xenophile who loves to explore the world, try out various cuisines, and most importantly learn a new language

Pratiksha Thakre

June 18, 2021

Hii, so from above result i got to know that i am the shuffler. And yes books is our best friend you don’t need people always around you. just need a good book. who can be with you always.

Payel Rana

June 18, 2021

Current Read: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.
After reading MOST of his novels, I’d to get my hands on his very first debut novel that again churns up a new world of magic, wonderful characters, great action sequences and ofcourse his master story telling that grips you up every step of the way. A definitive read.

Priya Bharti

June 18, 2021



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