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Spruce Up Your WFH Set Up With These Cool Hacks!

Team StoryWeavers|November 29, 2021, 11:41 IST| 4
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A flexible schedule and no commute to office might top the list of perks of WFH. However, getting to design your own workspace is an upside too. A functional yet appealing workspace can boost your mood and hence, your productivity. There are various ways with which you can level up your home office space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Assuming that you have all the basic requirements (fully functional system, good WiFi and an ergonomic chair) sorted, here are a few tips and tricks that you could try to upgrade your workspace. 

Spruce up your WFH space

Go vertical

If you are struggling for space on your work desk, one way to make room for the miscellaneous office stuff is to utilize your wall space. From calendars, posters, photo frames to filing systems, anything that’s on your desk can go on your wall with a little bit of creativity. 

Tumblers for holders

This is your cue to ditch those store-bought plastic pen holders and opt for unused glass tumblers at home for that much-needed pop of colour on your desk. And you don’t have to stop there. Do a quick search for mason jars, vases, and cans — all of which can be prettied up with a little bit of paint and some old trinkets to come up with matching desk accessories that will keep all your essentials organized and within your reach.

Tame your cords

For a clutter-free life, keep them unruly wires and cables organized using…you didn’t guess it, cardboard boxes. Divide them into small cubes using cardboard scraps, label each cube (because labelling makes everything better). Paint the box if you want to go a little artsy on it and decorate it (because, why not?). A similar hack can be done to store thumbtacks, rubber bands, and twist ties that are otherwise hard to find in your junk drawer.

Do the framework

Don’t want to spend on those pretty grid wall clip holders? Fret not, here’s an easy hack is to find an old picture frame. Take the photo and the corkboard out and replace it with chicken wire. Voila!  There’s your DIY grid wall. Now throw some colours on it and clip away your memos, photos, sticky notes…anything.

When you’ve got mail

If you are looking for one efficient way to keep your files and important papers together, keep in mind not to toss away your cereal boxes as they can be repurposed and how! Cut the top portion of the cereal box, cover it neatly with some nice wrapping paper, and there you have a cool file to keep your stuff. Bonus: While you are in the kitchen looking for creative storage units, consider yourself lucky if you come across an unused dish drain as they make for excellent storage units too.

Looking up!

If you don’t find ordinary calendars exciting enough, why not make one yourself? All you need is a corkboard, sticky notes, and some glue. Find a spot on your wall for your board, arrange the sticky notes according to the dates of the month. And label away!

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