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5 ways to reboot your WFH productivity

Team StoryWeavers|January 04, 2021, 09:33 IST|
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Day 1785050048 of quarantine and let’s accept it, we all wish how things would go back to normal.  Don’t you miss the initial days of the lockdown when everyone was super pumped up about learning new things, making the most out of their time, and being at their productive best? We baked Banana Breads and whipped Dalgona Coffees for that perfect Insta story too!  

While these activities were all fun and managed to keep us busy for a while, things seem to have slowed down now and all we are left with is a lockdown rut! At times like these, it is easy to lose motivation and zeal to do things. But we’re here to tell you that you can turn things around! 

Here are a few super interesting things you can try to switch up your #WFHLife

Set goals: New year is a few months away and it is a great time to revisit your resolutions and check what goals can be finished in the given time. Combine discipline and create small actionable to-dos to tick a few items off the list.

Take an online course: Dedicate the extra time in hand by using it constructively and learning something new. Enrolling for a course will build up your qualifications and knowledge-base as well as help you enhance your career. Building your skill sets is a sure-shot way to effectively get through the lockdown.

Make a travel bucket list: Having something to look forward to can help make the lockdown less of a burden. And while vacations are on hold, we can always start planning where we would love to be when all this is over.  Think of the blue oceans and chilly mountains! After all, planning is the second best thing to traveling.

Start gardening: Gardening allows you to create a positive little corner of your own and seeing a plant grow from the seed you planted feels great. Other proven benefits of gardening include better health and wellbeing. 

Watch a gig: You may not be able to head out for a concert or live stand-up, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying one! There are various artists and platforms that host weekly activities that you can indulge in and stay entertained.

We would love to know what is keeping you busy during the lockdown! 

Tell us what’s your work from the home calendar like in the comments below 

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