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A Milestone To Remember | #ByjusTurns10

Team StoryWeavers|December 28, 2021, 11:43 IST| 1
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November 30 marked the 10th anniversary of BYJU’S. What started as a dream to make children fall in love with learning, is now truly a revolution in the edtech sector. Over the years, we have nurtured a strong and talented team of BYJUites, made numerous memories, and built a place that celebrates learning, unlearning, and relearning. Now, that calls for a big celebration, doesn’t it?

Catch a glimpse of all that unfolded during our anniversary celebrations

While our anniversary celebrations culminated in a big virtual gala on the 30th of November, the festivities kickstarted a month ago with BYJU’S X-Factor. A platform for BYJUites to showcase their talent and win big.

Read more about BYJU’S X-Factor here. 

Let’s go behind the scenes of BYJU’S 10th-anniversary bash

Contests galore

The theme for our 10th-anniversary celebration was Now and Then. In line with this theme, a BYJU’S Now and Then contest was organised for BYJUites. The contest was all about looking back at the last decade and celebrating personal transformation journeys. To join us in this nostalgia trip, participants shared photos of their 10-year journeys with us. It was indeed heartwarming, seeing their beautiful stories of transformation and growth over the years. 

Birthday week’s gala celebration

When the milestone is big, the celebrations have to be bigger right? To make the party even better, we extended the celebration to the friends and family of BYJUites. We started off with an artsy Best out of Waste workshop. In this Now & Then-themed workshop, participants learned to create beautiful art out of waste. There was also a surprise contest at the end where participants showcased their beautiful art and won some exciting prizes. 

A  fun dance party followed the next day featuring li’l BYJUites. We had truckloads of fun during the session led by choreographer Pooja Rajpurohit. On the final day, experts from Zariyaa led a Laughter Therapy Workshop, leaving participants in splits and setting the stage for the big gala. 

Launch of our very own merchandise store

We also launched our official merchandise store – All Things BYJU’S – as part of our 10th-anniversary celebrations. This store is a go-to place for BYJUites to pick up official BYJU’S merchandise and goodies! You can find exciting stuff like tee shirts, coffee mugs, pop sockets, and more. Check out the store here. (And yes, happy shopping!) 

A virtual party venue as grand as the celebration

A host of activities organised on our birthday-special microsite kept the enthusiasm high for BYJUites. This microsite – replete with futuristic looks and dedicated arenas – hosted segments like a photo booth, fun games, wishing wall, and a video gallery. A special Now & Then-themed interactive activity was also hosted by MC Archie a day prior to the big anniversary celebrations. During this event, 15 BYJUites won big and took home exciting rewards.

Celebrations make way to the BYJU’S office

While the virtual gala was a big hit, we ensured that the anniversary celebration made its presence felt at the office as well. Our workplace was decked up in purple and fun photo booths were set up for BYJUItes to click and share the milestone with the world. 

But, is it even a birthday without a cake? On November 30 – the day of our 10th birthday – we surprised BYJUites with yummy cakes and cute postcards to celebrate with their peers. The happy photos from our celebrations at the office will melt your hearts, check it out:.

An evening to remember 

With celebrity host Cyrus Sahukar, a stunning performance by the BYJU’S Dance Team, a keynote by our Founder and CEO, Byju Raveendran, and a musical rendezvous featuring Bryden & Parth & the Choral Riff,  – the virtual celebrations turned out to be a huge success. An audience of over 20,000 BYJUites joined virtually from across the country to celebrate this special milestone. Thanks a ‘ten’ to each and everyone, who made our celebration memorable. 

Here’s to many more years of making an impact and having fun along the way!  

Tell us in the comments below about your favourite part of the anniversary celebrations. We would love to hear from you!

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