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Celebrating Every Kind of Teachers – Happy Teacher’s Day!

Team StoryWeavers|October 15, 2020, 05:48 IST| 1
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It takes a big heart to teach, inspire hope, ignite the imagination and lead the pathway. Celebrating every kind of teachers, this Teacher’s Day, we asked BYJUites to shares their story on how their favorite teacher has helped change their life.

We received a lot of entries filled with fond memories of their most loved teachers. Thank you BYJUites!

Choosing the top 3 was a tough work but here are the best entries which absolutely touched  our hearts.

Avinash Ajjarapu with his parents

Avinash Ajjarapu with his parents

A Warm Thank You Note!

On the occasion of Teacher’s day, I would like to share with everyone about my favorite teacher. We all have role models and teachers in our lives who helps us set our live in the correct pathway. For me, my that teacher and role model is my FATHER!

I have always been a  mischievous and notorious child since my childhood. While my mother used to scold or at times beat me when I crossed my line, my father used to discipline me in a different way. His ways were not only the toughest ones but were always filled with hidden love and care. He showed me the correct paths in live and helped me become who I am today. His strict and tough love made me understand how every actions has its own consequences and the true values of ethics and morals.

My father had always supported me through thick and thin. His greatest advice in my life has been, “always learn from your mistakes and rise up.All thanks to my parents, I am who I am today 🙂

Soumya Dubey with her mom

Soumya Dubey with her mom

Happy Teacher’s Day

Life is a pretty long journey where you meet different people and learn something or the other from them. In a way, every person we meet in our lives end up teaching something to us. Hence, I would first like to thank all the amazing people I had come across in my life, for teaching me and helping me grow.

But the most important teacher of my life is the person who brought me into this beautiful world. Who taught me many things – from uttering my first word to taking my first step. From teaching me to be kind and compassionate to making me understand the important of sharing and caring for others. My go-to-person who can understand me if I am upset even when I don’t express it, who has solution to all my problems. Who is always there, ready with home remedies whenever I fall sick and shares all her secret yummy recipes.

Thank you Maa for always being there for me, for shaping me into who I am today. And for being my best role model.

Amulya with her family

Amulya with her family

My Favorite Teachers

We all have role models in live who teachers us many things. For me my parents are my greatest teachers. They have taught me all the values and the morals of leading a better life. They have helped me set goals, fulfil my dreams and reach where I am today. They are my pillars of strength, constant support, love and care. They have sacrificed a lot while patiently passed down their knowledge to me. For me, they not jest my best teachers, they are also my best friends. I thank them each and every moment for being with me.

Happy Teachers’ Day Papa and Maa 🙂

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