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Celebrating ‘Strength In Sisterhood’: Women’s Day 2020 at BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|October 15, 2020, 05:06 IST| 1
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Swapping stories, finding solidarity and connecting with the sisterhood – that’s what the women at BYJU’S  were up to this International Women’s Day. With a special session on Yoga for Women Wellness- Women’s Day started early for BYJUites with the mantra of self-care.


On D-Day, the ladies were welcomed with cool BYJU’S goodies, chocolates and flowers. Taking the celebrations up a notch was an introspective #sheforher workshop conducted at the HQ that helped the ladies at BYJU’S to forge a new connection built on compassion and a sense of belonging.

We also asked a few of our Wonder Women at BYJU’S to unveil the secret of what makes them who they are and how we can support each other irrespective of gender. Here’s what they had to say.

Let’s continue to challenge stereotypes, create conversations and celebrate women.

Here’s wishing all the phenomenal ladies a very Happy Women’s Day


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A PR-professional-turned-Storyweaver, Disha loves people, conversations and all things extra. Anything to do with creating amazing experiences for employees and raising the coolness factor of the workplace - she's up for it! Other than running the show for Life At BYJU'S, Disha is a massive Bollywood fan, doggo videos addict and the biggest Ranveer Singh fan ever. Do reach out to her at, if you have ideas and thoughts to add fun quotient in your workplace. She would love to drive them for you

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N. Anjali choudhury

April 8, 2020

Really it’s great that company is celebrating women’s day to encourage the working women’s in the company by this they canbe safer and familier in each and every prospect


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