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Celebrating teachers outside classrooms this Teachers’ Day

Team StoryWeavers|October 15, 2020, 05:24 IST|
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With greeting cards, frames, cakes, and more, this Teachers’ Day was all about appreciating our teachers and mentors at BYJU’S.  The day was filled with lots of fun, celebrations, and learning for BYJUites. 

At the HQ, we kicked off our first ‘Connect & Learn Series’ with an idea of learning from people around us. Everything you do not know is an opportunity to learn something new.  From creating art out of waste to learning viral dance moves to yoga and learn Kannada workshops, BYJUites got an opportunity to attend exciting workshops conducted by their peers. 


Speaking about his session on Kannada for Dummies, Girish N R,  Associate Content Developer, said, “I conducted a session where I taught simple words and phrases in Kannada. I tried to keep the class fun and interactive. I hope my peers loved learning Kannada from me as much as I loved teaching them. I look forward to many more events like these.” 

Talking about her experience, Manswi Garg, Business Development Manager said, “Kudos to Team BYJU’S for introducing a platform where we can learn from people around us. I conducted a ‘Create Best Out of Waste’ workshop so that people learn to upcycle items that are just lying around in the house.  All BYJUites got to take cute dream catchers home which they made out of old wool and bangles.”

Neil Mukherjee, Associate Content Developer, said, “I taught yoga at the Connect & Learn series. The experience was amazing. Thank You BYJU’S  for giving me this opportunity, and a platform to teach something that I’m so passionate about.” 

I wanted to keep the dance session light and fun, so I came up with an idea of conducting a workshop on acing dance moves that have taken over the internet,” Akash S, HR Executive, said speaking about his session. “It was wonderful to see so many BYJUites turning up for a class. By the end of the class, everybody was dabbing over popular tunes.” 

A big thank you to all the amazing BYJUites who came forward to teach and to those who took part to learn something new.

Let’s keep this tradition going! 

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