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Celebrating Their Voice, Dreams and Superpowers – Women’s Day with BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|October 15, 2020, 05:39 IST|
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Women inspire us at every step of our lives. At home the inspiration comes from our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, aunts, and grandmothers. Here at BYJU’S every woman strives to give in her best.  Their dedication is an inspiration to us all.. This Women’s Day, at BYJU’S we went a step ahead to show our appreciation for these amazing women by giving all our ladies a rose and a personalised ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’ journal to keep track of their goals and achievements. With an office brimming with excited women the message went out loud and clear – “Celebrate their voice, their dreams and their ability to be balance every aspect of their life flawlessly.”

To commemorate the event, Team Storyweavers invited BYJUites to share their stories and experiences where a woman inspired them to be braver and better versions of themselves:-

Shradha Soni, Business Development, Bangalore

“I grew up looking at my grandmother and being in awe of her personality and brave heart.  A single mother, taking care of eight children, she stood against time and tide. Despite having financial issues for years, handling these eight children, she continued to smile through her troubles and bestow all all her love such that none of the kid felt the absence of their father. Furthermore, I owe my life to her as she saved me, standing up against all our family who wished for a boy to carry the family name forward. She stopped at nothing to make sure all children in her family, had an equal chance to prove themselves and succeed in life.”

Sharath Reddy, Business Development, Hyderabad

“The woman who has been my inspiration is India’s first female blade runner – Kiran Kanojia.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet strong, smart, independent women from every walk of life. They inspire us in many ways, and continue to remind me that women around the world are connected by many common threads. Kiran Kanojia’s story is one of immense persistence and resilience – a never give up attitude which commands respect and shows to all other women that if they set their mind on something, nothing can stop them.”

Apoorva Mishra, Business Development, Bangalore

“My mother has always been a huge source of strength and my main support system throughout my life. It is astonishing how women play such multifaceted roles in life, protecting you as mothers, teaching you as teachers, teaching you the value of humility as sisters, supporting you as friends and completing you as partners.”

R Venkatesh, Tech Support Escalations Department, Bangalore

“ My inspiration came from a story of an unknown woman I read about. In a team of 10, she was the only woman who was often looked down upon and given fewer opportunities  in comparison to the men. She noticed this but did not let it dishearten her. During a few team meetings, she realized that her conversations were being cut short by the other team members which would often lead to miscommunications. This women being one of the key players in her team, decided to step up and speak out against this behaviour and soon managed to start a conversation on the importance of team building. Engrossed in her talk, the other team members realized that the inputs she had to give, were vital in filling up the gaps in their work and would guarantee better functioning of the team. This story, and many similar incidents like this lead to me believe that women have the power to bring people together and help them all grow towards becoming the best of what they can be.”

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