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Happyness Week

Team StoryWeavers|October 15, 2020, 05:45 IST| 6
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The week that left behind happier people and precious memories

With happy, young faces all around the office- The BYJU’S Happyness Week was celebrated with the purpose of spreading joy and gratitude. The first day of the event- 28th of March, took everyone by surprise with the new decorations added all around the office- Smiley faces, Happyness posters and postcards literally everywhere!

BYJUites poured in their responses to the event with pictures and videos with their friends and colleagues, happyness postcards were shared all around the office adding a new level of awesomeness to all the cubicles and tables. BYJUites received and shared several postcards with short, funny, emotional and motivational messages- all straight from their hearts. Some took a few postcards home to share the happiness outside with their family and friends.

It can be rightly assumed that no Happyness event is complete without a song and a dance, so to end the event with a blast; Pharell William’s “Happy” was played on the loudspeakers all around office. That moment saw the ultimate burst of energy and excitement all around the office with people leaving their desks to dance and sing along. From the 28th of March till the 3rd of April, BYJUites did nothing but smile, celebrating people, sharing experiences and making memories to last a lifetime!

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Yash Pratap Singh

April 25, 2020

Please givee scholar ship of byju in international

Lavisha Varshney

March 3, 2020

Byjus is a superb really this app is very knowledgeable

Lavisha Varshney

March 3, 2020

Such a great activities in my career such a wonderful byjus the great app


January 3, 2020

This is very amazing app and i enjoyed it so much thanks byju’s

Ashwini kolageri

October 8, 2019

I am studying in second puc this app is every useful . give the Superior knowledge

Harshal Mohod

September 30, 2019

? starbulksms NAGPUR


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