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This Boss Day, BYJUites celebrate their mentors with a special message

Team StoryWeavers|October 30, 2020, 10:54 IST| 2
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Behind every successful Boss is a loving, supporting team 


Work from home has certainly been an interesting transition for most of us. It has not only made us discover interesting ways of staying connected but also changed the way we work with our managers. Whether it’s the way we brainstorm or coordinate over numerous calls and zoom meetings, the lockdown and remote working have surely seen our relationship evolve with the changing dynamics of the new work environment.

This Boss Day, BYJUites took a moment to appreciate these efforts and celebrate the changing relationships with their managers, mentors, or as well popularly call them, bosses!

Check out some of their heartfelt messages below

We wish all the former, current, and future bosses out there a very Happy Boss Day!

Tell us in the comments why your boss is the best and how they have helped you while you worked remotely.


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A PR-professional-turned-Storyweaver, Disha loves people, conversations and all things extra. Anything to do with creating amazing experiences for employees and raising the coolness factor of the workplace - she's up for it! Other than running the show for Life At BYJU'S, Disha is a massive Bollywood fan, doggo videos addict and the biggest Ranveer Singh fan ever. Do reach out to her at, if you have ideas and thoughts to add fun quotient in your workplace. She would love to drive them for you

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March 20, 2021

Lessons not same in this app with compare my book’s lessons, can u please do anything

Anusree Karmakar

December 14, 2020

My mentor mam PRIYANKA is just amazing! She is friendly and a very good mentor. She is not a mentor for me she is my teacher…. I just want to say that “I am very lucky to become a student of hers”


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