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‘Week of Wellness’ at BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|February 09, 2021, 11:14 IST|
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New year is the time to set new goals, make promises and accept challenges with open arms. BYJUites welcomed 2018 by setting exciting resolutions, fitness goals and a promise to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Celebrating the importance of health and fitness in everyday lifestyle, ‘Week of Wellness’ was organised from 9th – 14th January at BYJU’S.

The week started off with fresh fruits and a surprise BYJU’S New Year Diary for every BYJUite. Excitement stirred across the office as BYJUites got together and planned which activities to attend during the week. Keeping in line with the theme of ‘Health & Fitness’ enthusiastic BYJUites jotted down their resolutions on the ‘BYJU’S Resolution Board’ and encouraged others to fill in their goals too. Some of the common resolutions were –

  1. Hit the Gym
  2. Maintain a Healthy Diet
  3. This Year I will dedicate 200% at work!

As the week progressed, BYJU’S Cafeteria became the fitness hub where Zumba, Yoga, Salsa and Hip-Hop sessions were held. These session were conducted by in-house and outside experts. BYJUites enjoyed these power packed sessions and marked their new years in a truly refreshing way.   

Here’s what some of the exciting BYJUites had to say:

Avuku Mahaveer Royal:  Fitness is fun! This week made me realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Week of Wellness’.

Manswi Garg: The ‘Week of Wellness’ was super fun. We should have more of such events.

Abhirami: Yoga session was my favorite, it totally boost up my energy levels. Thank you BYJU’S

Rohit Kumar: Events like ‘Week of Wellness’ help us maintain a good work-life balance. After attending the Hip-Hop session I am definitely going to dedicate some time to workout every week.

Watch the short video encapsulating all excitements of the BYJUites during the ‘Week of Wellness

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