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Dear future me… BYJUites pen priceless lessons in postcards to their future selves | World Post Day

Team StoryWeavers|October 07, 2022, 14:35 IST|
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At BYJU’S, we always encourage our people to reflect on their strengths, celebrate their accomplishments, and become lifelong learners. As much as we take pride in our wins – no matter how small – we also embrace challenges and the learnings that follow.  

And to celebrate the culture of continuous learning, we planned a fun activity for BYJUites. This World Post Day, we asked BYJUites to write down a postcard to their future self on the learnings they would like to hold on to, throughout their life.    

Keep scrolling to read some of the letters that BYJUites penned to their future self. Packed with impactful thoughts and experiences, these postcards will make you pause and think!

“The most refreshing thing about the culture at BYJU’S is that if you don’t know the answer to something, you have the freedom to experiment, explore, and learn. In my time here, I’ve received ample encouragement to take ownership of new projects and ideas. One lesson that I’ll take forward with me from those experiences is to hold on to that child-like love for learning something new from scratch – it’s the one thing that makes sure you never have a dull moment at work and enriches your journey as a professional.”


“One of the things I’ve learned at BYJU’S is being supportive of others. I believe mentorship is a critical component of growth and since the very beginning, I’ve had great mentors who have equipped me for success in both my career and personal life. I was going through a hard time when my father passed away this year but my team always had my back – be it with personal time off, working flexible hours or catching up on work. Having a support system that I could fall back on, really helped me cope with emotional stress.”


Apart from key skills, I have also picked up three valuable learnings from my mentors here. Firstly, appreciate all the challenges coming your way, they are learnings in disguise. Secondly, teamwork is always the key to success. If you learn to rely on and collaborate with your teammates, nothing will be impossible to accomplish. Thirdly, always have a positive attitude, you will understand situations better and solve problems with the right approach.”


“Even though it’s just my first month at BYJU’S, I have picked up some crucial learnings from my mentors. Their deep sense of involvement and that infectious enthusiasm towards their work is not only a source of motivation but also something that I want to imbibe. To my future self, I just want to say, ‘Do what you love, enjoy the journey of new learnings, and always find time for yourself’.”

Unforgettable learnings and experiences – what better way than letting your current experiences guide your future decisions! Your future self will definitely thank you for these valuable life lessons. 

Do you also have precious teachings you want to pass on to your future self? Share it in the comments below, so that we all can draw some inspiration from it.  

(The story has been put together by our Storyweavers Naqshib Nisar and Damini Goel) 

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