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From designing apparels to creating design strategy for Edtech, Priyanka’s art canvas feeds her obsessions

Team StoryWeavers|October 16, 2020, 06:52 IST|
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With a palpable passion and a penchant for minute details – BYJU’S creative lead Priyanka likes all things perfect! We had a chance to get mesmerised with her artwork from her college days while she shared her rollercoaster designing journeys from Delhi to Bangalore, her decision to join BYJU’S and what keeps the BYJU’S design team pumped up – all the time.


No great things happen in a vacuum. It demands that we leave our comfort zone, dig for insights and come up with great ideas. For a designer, it takes extra efforts to look for aspirations – and aspirations can come from all where!

Priyanka’s journey with art and design started at a very early age. She attributes much of her success to her mom who provided her with enough space and provisions to nurture her talent.

“As a kid, my mom allowed me to paint my bedroom walls and fill it with colours. I once had drawn my own version of Cinderella on my bedroom wall, which was a little plum and more colourful. My love for doodling took its shape from then.”

A portrait from her painting bucket

A portrait from her painting bucket

Growing up in a city like Lucknow – clad with rich cultures and heritage, Priyanka always drew her inspiration from her surroundings.

“My city bred the love for design into my DNA with its rich culture and historical architectures. Gradually as I grew up, it felt more real that art was all I wanted to do in life. So I took a 4 year course in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design from NIFT (New Delhi) and curved my interest in fashion retail sector, men’s accessories and later on marketing graphics. Those skills helped me jumpstart my career in designing.”  

Designing for young readers with BYJU’S

After exploring various areas of visual art and designing, Priyanka shifted to Bangalore and entered the prancing start-up boom.

“I started off with a food tech start-up after settling in Bangalore. It was all new for me from the designing genre prospective. With an intense workload and new ideas pouring in, work life was super crazy, but I was enjoying the taste of it.”

Soon she got bit by the ed tech bug when a friend introduced her to BYJU’S and said, “You should give it a try and explore the segments of marketing and branding in designs. It’s challenging and you’ll enjoy it!”

“I listened”

An eye for beauty in every corner

         An eye for beauty in every corner

Landing at BYJU’S was like a whole new journey packed with fun adventures. At BYJU’S she is in charge of multiple designing pockets from print and digital collaterals, newspaper ad designs  and other branding needs.

“The most exciting creative challenge, for us, is to explore ways to visually and graphically cater to students across grades and regions. So as designers, we are constantly looking for details, exploring and brainstorming to make the design communication more suitable and appealing for young kids. For us, it’s not just any design but it’s about thinking from the point of view of the young reader. ”

The best part about working with BYJU’S is – one gets to  explore what they are good at. “A designer’s day here is filled with exploring new ideas for upcoming projects, interacting, mood-boarding and wireframing. In the process we all learn something new from each other. That helps each one of us to achieve our own milestones as well as grow better along with the company’s growth,” smiles Priyanka.

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