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5 Years, 1 Flash Mob, Countless Experiences: Manswi Garg On What Makes BYJU’S An Exciting Workplace

Team StoryWeavers|March 15, 2021, 07:22 IST| 3
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One of the many advantages of this new normal is the ability to connect with people without having to trade your comfort space for long and cumbersome commutes. But there is also a flip side to this whole arrangement. The lack of usual office camaraderie, familiarity, and the comfort of friendly faces at work could make day-to-day functioning taxing, if not impossible. 

To tide over these challenging times, many at BYJU’S – a space that our co-workers have come to associate with a strong culture, vibrant and young energy, and enterprising endeavours – are taking the digital route to connectivity. Even as teams continue to operate remotely, meaningful engagements and passion projects have helped sustain the bond and collaboration among BYJUites. 

Manswi Garg shares the two things that every aspiring BYJUite should keep in mind

In this edition of People Who Make BYJU’S, Manswi Garg, who has spent close to five years dabbling in various sales functions before moving to recruitment, gets candid about the WFH mode. She also walks us through her years at BYJU’S, her experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds, and the story of how she pulled off a flash mob with the help of 35 odd BYJUites.  

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Tell us about your transition through different roles in BYJU’S over the years.

Manswi Garg: I joined BYJU’S as an intern before moving on to the role of a Business Development Associate (BDA). Following this, I served as a Business Development Manager for two years, and then switched to Recruitment in 2018. 

Currently, I am working as a Recruitment Manager. While this role – handling a team, working closely with BYJUites – has been a huge learning experience for me, I am looking forward to meeting the team once everything gets back to usual. 

How did you find out about the role in BYJU’S?

MG: For me, it was a campus placement. Back in 2016, when Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. (BYJU’S parent company) came to our college, there was a lot of buzz around the organisation and the burgeoning edtech sector. I was naturally excited to take on the new adventure.

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What are your everyday responsibilities in this role? 

MG: Recruitment is a part of Sales and HR. Herein, our job is to cater to the candidates who have applied for the role of BDA. My role here is to interact with my team daily, who take interviews and shortlist people, and following that, subsequently, hire them as BDAs. 

While we have recruitment drives region-wise – like for the North region and South region – we have requirements for cities like Guwahati and Allahabad. We also have a referral program in place – which is the best way to hire people because of the trust factor – and a plan to increase our workforce. 

You have been actively involved in employee engagement activities, right? How did it all begin and what’s the story of the flash mob?

MG: A friend of mine from the media team is an amazing dancer. When I asked him about starting a dance club of our own, he said, ‘Yes, why not!” So that’s how the idea of the BYJU’S dance club took roots, we spoke to a few others and got the club going. As one thing led to another, we found ourselves joined by a bunch of passionate BYJUites. The next thing we knew, we were gearing up for a flash mob.

We did a virtual dance performance for BYJU’S ninth anniversary celebration as well. The whole idea was born out of the need to have something that helps people feel connected. In the past, we have had sports clubs and sports meetings. However, we also needed some more diverse co-curricular activities. And most of us being 20-somethings at BYJU’S, things like flash mobs, dance clubs felt like a great way to unwind and foster a sense of community.  

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How do you think such community-building activities help build an environment of constant learning?

MG: BYJU’S is one of the biggest edtech companies in the world today. We have grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and when you think about it, the kind of efforts and brainstorming that we put behind everything here, it’s commendable. In an everyday context, it might be difficult to analyse the learning curve. But the process BYJU’S has set in place – making room for every individual’s growth and aspirations – I realise that I have learnt so much over the years.

And I always look forward to being a part of the various engagements activities, I am quite inquisitive that way. I look forward to creating new things within the company and while I am at it, adding my own personal touch to things.  

What’s the most exciting aspect of being a BYJUite?

MG: The most exciting aspect is the people you are going to work with. There is just so much diversity in BYJU’S. There are people from all backgrounds and with all kinds of skill sets, you can easily connect with them and definitely find your soul sister and soul brother. The diversity and exposure – and in my case, I have had really supportive seniors who encouraged me to do so much more – is what makes BYJU’S an exciting workplace. 

What are the two pieces of advice you would give to aspiring BYJUites?

MG: Just be open to everything. Absorb as much information as you can, from whatever you read, watch, or listen to. And always stay keen on learning new things. 

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Suryanshu Shukla

March 18, 2021

That’s Amazing Manswi!! Feeling proud to read your whole interview. What i felt great while reading the whole stuff was your positive factor to every aspect, and the person I know in real. Proud ? Keep going?


March 18, 2021

I would like to work with your company as a position of customer support servics executive. As I have 10 years of experience in education secter


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