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A Marketing Maverick during the day and a story-teller by night

Team StoryWeavers|October 16, 2017, 07:57 IST| 1
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“Did Bhanu succeed in crossing the river Acha? Nanda and I really tried to get him on our boat, but he slipped.” – asked a scared Nidhi.

“Yes love, Bhanu caught hold of a floating log and crossed the river. In fact, he ran into the forest as soon as he reached the river bank.” – reassured the father.

Every alternate night Pravin Prakash – the Marketing Maverick of BYJU’S, turns into a story-teller who ventures into the jungles of Anamudi hills along with his two brave daughters and their pet tiger Bhanu.

Pravin with his daughters

Pravin smiles while narrating his story telling sessions with his daughters. No story is complete without Nidhi (4 years old), Nanda (2 years old) and the tiger. Their mom, grandparents and I get to be a part of these stories based on how the story is shaping up. My work involves a lot of travel; hence these moments with my daughters are priceless.

Being in marketing entails a lot of travel; Pravin doesn’t get too much time to be around his daughters during their daily activities. For both Nidhi and Nanda, ‘phone’ is their father’s office and ‘laptop’ is the office for their mother. He explains that as a family, they have succeeded in creating a calendar of small events which ensures that they spend quality time together whenever possible.

If I miss to catch them at night, I make it up by taking them to the school bus in the morning. According to me, being part of your children’s big events are important, but the small moments and daily routines are equally important too. Nidhi, my elder one, understands my travel schedule and prefers spending time with me in the morning before she leaves for school. Nanda is still very young and we both are yet to figure each other out. He laughs

Being the only male member in the house- Pravin is often given the responsibility to be the serious and strict one, while his wife and his sister enjoy the status of being the cool and fun adult members with the children.

Given my professional background in the education sector, I often get asked, if I teach my daughters too. But what I have understood is that – the way we used to learn was very different from how children today learn. Both Nidhi and Nanda have their favorite Youtube channels and they love the fact that their study concepts get explained in the visual format. They love these channels so much that they have reorganized their food and study schedules around it.”

Nidhi's drawing

While Pravin feels that Nidhi takes after her mother (since she is artistically inclined); his family and friends often points out that she is just as chatty and every bit of a story-teller like her father.  This father-daughter duo loves to watch animated movies especially ‘Finding Nemo’ over a pack of popcorn. The current father: daughter record of watching ‘Finding Nemo’ is 25:100.

Overall, being there for your family and kids is what matters the most. I am a strong endorser of celebrating and cherishing small things in life, which I believe matters a lot. It is just about making an effort and giving time to the people who you love.

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Anil HM

May 31, 2019

Its amazing ! Loved it !


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