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Meet Dipasha Mukherji : A Biology Enthusiast, Puppeteer and a Poetess

Team StoryWeavers|January 10, 2019, 06:04 IST| 3
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There are few things that thrill one’s heart when it comes to choosing a profession – an exciting job which provides enough time to pursue one’s passion and an enthusiastic and friendly boss, whose thirst for innovative ideas often intersects with yours. Dipasha Mukherji seems to have both in abundance and a list of other things on her bucket list.

A creative associate at BYJU’S, she is a script writer and prop artist whose work give wings to the imagination of millions of young learners by helping them learn  in a fun way.

Waiting near Dipasha’s desk to interview her, Team Storyweavers was pleasantly surprised to see her excitement while talking to her colleague about the ATP making machinery in Mitochondria. We could not resist the spark on her face and asked about her unbound love for biology and what prompted her to take it up  as a part of her degree course.

Biology is very close to my heart. I still remember the first time I learnt about it – it was during one of those unplanned trips to north India organized by my dad. I was in 2nd grade and just before the trip, he gifted me an encyclopaedia. I was intrigued at the images filling the page of the book. When we reached our destination, he took us into the woods and explained many of the strange things from the book with live examples from the surroundings. I was fascinated by all of it and held a love for biology in my heart ever since then.” smiles Dipasha.

A theatre artist, painter and an occasional poetess, Dipasha’s life is an account of myriad incidences, which she weaves into tales and shares with us.


Life is BIG enough. Don’t Hold Back

With her creation

With her creation

Dipasha comes from a family which values education, art and tradition equally. Since childhood, her father ensured to fill their (Dipasha and her brother) lives with interesting things to do and read .

While education has always been the backbone of our family, our parents have encouraged us to indulge in other activities  like arts and sports too. This actually helped me and my brother sculpt our careers well. You see coming from a Bengali family has its own perks. (laughs) For instance, my father is a general physician by profession and a romantic poet during his leisure time; my mom is an English lecturer and holds a Visharad degree in Sangeet. Ergo, I was privileged to be surrounded by talents at a young age which helped me curve my interest in books and theater as I grew up.

Good old Manipal days and a Life Changing Moment

It is said that college is the best phase of one’s life where you find friends, take up responsibilities and join multiple clubs and finally a career. For Dipasha, it was much more than that. During her Manipal days, while pursuing a degree in B.Tech, she regrew her love for painting ( and craft works.

I was always fascinated by the vibrant artworks that flagged with the study of biology. When I joined Manipal, I started taking a serious look at art and craft and engaged my free time on painting and making props. When I completed my engineering, I was left with two options: either I assist a senior researcher at Manipal and then take MSc course in Cellular and Molecular Biology or look for a company which can help with my hobbies of painting and writing. Hoping against the hopes, I wished for a job which could help me fulfil both my dreams. Thankfully, the life changing moment came sooner than expected, when I got a call from BYJU’S. My role at BYJU’S provided the right mixture of biology and art and also allowed me enough time to harbour my other passions.” grins Dipasha

Life as a BYJUite and the roller coaster rides that challenge her

When I joined the Media team at BYJU’S, I came with a set mind of helping artists create  props and dabble few scripts here and there. When I saw the standard of work and the amount of dedication they add in, taking care of minute details, I knew that I was at the right place. BYJU’S has given me a lot of opportunities to grow and explore new areas and implement them at work.

BYJU’S is home to hundreds of multi-talented people for whom life is all about learning more and doing what they love.

She further adds with resurrection, “My dream was to take up a role which would create an impact and help the society in some way. As my dad rightly taught me – ‘Always give back to society what you get from it’, I believe that’s how we can bring in any kind of harmony and be happy.

At BYJU’S, she is practicing what her father had advised once. Here, Dipasha gives her best to make learning easier for children and carry forward the company’s ideology. She wears the young reader’s cap and creates scripts best fit for their easy understanding. During weekends, she dedicates some time to learn a bit of animation, graphic designing and a pinch of print media to keep up at work and develop rooms for creative imagination.

Love for Art & Traveling

Love for Art & Traveling

It’s been more than a year and I have seen myself grow as an artist and a writer. Off late I am trying out script writing for short plays and being a handy in the production field. Few weeks ago, I took part in Indian Film Project with couple of my friends from the Media team, where we had to create a script, cast people for roles, act it out and submit it within 50 hours. We came up with a short film call ‘Tamatar’  where I wrote the script, designed costumes and also got an opportunity to act out a small role.” smiles Dipasha as she eagerly takes out her phone to play the video for us.

With such positive attitude and chirpy nature, young talents like Dipasha are setting new trends in the creative market which welcome young talents with open arms!

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February 27, 2018

Working with such talent is much wow 🙂 no puns intended!


February 20, 2018

Very inspiring artwork.It was nice to work with you in the movie. I learnt a lot from you 🙂


February 20, 2018

Amazing story 🙂
Talented Byjuites ?


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