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A note from a brand new father

Team StoryWeavers|October 16, 2017, 07:47 IST| 1
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Arjun Mohan and his wife were blessed with a baby girl just a week before Father’s Day. This made him the perfect candidate for Team StoryWeavers to profile on Father’s Day.

He was already halfway through his second cup of coffee, when we met him at 10:30 am. He looked a bit tired but his warm smile expressed his current state of happiness. We settled in to speak to him as he showed us the first few clicks of baby Meher.

On asking what it feels like to be a brand-new father, he said – I am flooded with emotions; it has been a combination of joy, relief and a dollop of fear.

Arjun smiled and added, Honestly, I am no expert on this topic as I boarded the spaceship called ‘Fatherhood’ just a week back. I had never thought of how fatherhood would exactly feel like. The whole experience gets real once you hold your little one in your hands. It was an overwhelming feeling that going forward I am responsible for a tiny human who is a part of me and my wife.

It was almost a ‘superhero-like’ moment for him when Meher looked and smiled at him for the first time. The famous Spider-man quote, With great power comes great responsibility went past his head. I think, only a ‘Superdad’ costume was missing from the scene,” he jokes. “It was that exact moment when I realized that I was going to enjoy every second of our journey from here on. While my work always keeps me busy, with the arrival of Meher, I will make sure that I compartmentalize my work better in order to spend more time with her and my family.

So, as a new father, embracing this new phase of your responsibility makes the entire process very seamless. I suggest every to-be dad and new-dad do the same. Cheers, all the best and wish me luck!”  

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November 6, 2020

I have been looking for this Fatherhood article since long time. Thanks author.


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