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From a Shy & Nervous College Kid to a Confident Sales Manager, Discover Komal’s Journey of Success at BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|August 08, 2018, 07:19 IST| 34
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I never thought I could convince people to buy BYJU’S’ product, let along manage around 20 people under me. When I was in college, I was a shy person, who needed a lot of persuasion to even speak in front of a bunch of people. Today, I converse with multiple people without any hesitation, help in launching campaigns and driving revenues, as well as guiding others at work. (giggles) My life has totally changed after joining BYJU’S and I’m super excited about my next venture here.

Komal Singh, 24 yrs, Manager at BYJU’S


College Life – Unboxing Memories!

A trained classical singer and a travel enthusiast with an interest in business and marketing, Komal has a box full of memories from her college days. “My 2yrs in Amity were amazing. With a dual MBA degree in HR and Marketing, I always knew that the field of marketing and sales was for me. Once the campus recruitment started, I interviewed with BYJU’S as the role looked very interesting and challenging to me. I cracked the interview.

The First Job Experience

Anxiety mixed with excitement to impress the interviewers with a cracker introduction – the ‘First Job Interview’ is always a special one. For Komal, it was about translating her dreams into reality.

There were multiple MNCs that came for campus recruitment in our college. However, I went for BYJU’S and luckily got selected after multiple interview rounds. After every round of my interview process, I got to know something new about the company and I was pretty impressed and happy that I was going to be part of such a revolutionary brand,”  flashes her proud smile.

A Welcome Hug at BYJU’S

BYJU’S has always been magical for me. The supportive spirit and the positive energy in office creates the perfect environment to work from my heart and give the best. I have seen a lot of growth both personally and professionally, since I joined BYJU’S. All thanks to my supportive managers Rishi Sir and Sajesh Sir who have constantly been there, guiding me in every step.”(smile)

From a BDA Intern to a Manager

As a marketing student, Komal always looked for opportunities where she could demonstrate her skills in the right way. Joining the BDA team at BYJU’S headquarter helped her explore those skills.

I have been really blessed with some amazing teammates who have selflessly helped and appreciated my efforts since day one. This has really propelled me to set new goals, achieve targets and help others, because in sales, it’s all about the joint effort. As a team whole we need to collaborate and work together towards the development of the company.”

Komal’s dedication at work and enthusiasm to guide others helped her soon escalate to a manager’s role.

It was one of the biggest milestone of my life when I was interviewed for the manager’s role after a year at BYJU’S. It spiked up my career; motivating me to take up more challenges.

With a team of 20 under her, it was a complete new innings of her journey. “Starting out as a BDA executive, I have experienced the various facets of Sales at BYJU’S – from handling campaigns to making sales. Now as a manager, I ensure to keep the team spirit high and help them experience it first hand. At times I share my experiences with my team and help solve their problems. I feel that it’s all about building up that initial connection and gaining each other’s trust. Being 24 and managing a team initially was a bit overwhelming, but I got the hang of it with time and practice. Now we all work as a big family.

A Message to all the Young Aspirants:

The work culture at BYJU’S is disparate from any other company. There is an aura of positivity which charges up everybody at any given time. There had been times, when I had come to work at 7 A.M and stayed till midnight to launch campaigns. I enjoyed every bit of it due to the pumped-up energy around me.

I feel it’s important to be happy and satisfied at work in order to perform well and give 100% dedication. Thus, I ensure to encourage my teammates by constantly acknowledging their good performance,” smiles the young.

With young talents like Komal, who uplifts the energy level at work, BYJU’S is surely creating a pool of young aspirants whose work defines the future India.  

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About the Author

Books are Tanaya Goswami’s first love and cheesecakes come a close second. Talking about movies, music, calligraphy, politics, and Elon Musk will get you listed under the friends’ section of her diary. Ever since moving on from her job as an English lecturer, she spends her time at BYJU’S crafting stories filled with emotion and sprinkled with sarcasm. Outside of work, she’s either learning something new (French, most recently!) or is curled up with a book and a cup of coffee. She firmly believes that discovering what you don’t know is the key to knowledge and is constantly working towards improving herself. Drop in a line at if you liked her stories, have something nice to say, or if you have compelling ideas to share!

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Bilal Ahmad pir

December 7, 2021

I want to apply for job from home

V Ravi kumar

November 24, 2021

Sir respected, the give the opportunity sir

Nasreen niyas

November 19, 2021

Job vaccancy


May 29, 2020

Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Bad Boyfriend Habits

August 19, 2019

I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly.

shaik riyaz

August 17, 2018

Komal can you guide usto get a job in byjus. I am a degree student from fresher 2018 background.

shaik riyaz

August 17, 2018

A degree student can get a job in byjus. Iam a bsc(mscs) student. If you have any vacancies please send a link to

utkarsh gupta

July 30, 2018

I love sales and i really want to be a part of Byju’s team.There is a hunger in me to touch lives of people and improve
their quality of life and this is just the right place.
well,keep doing this work and best of luck to all byju’s team members.


July 6, 2018

I knew that a hard working and sincere person like you will be a winner all the way. You’ve made us all so proud. Congratulations for always evolving and inspiring others❤️❤️❤️Shine on!

Reena Singh

July 2, 2018

She has been a good performer always; whether it’s office or personal life. We are blessed to have her in our life and so will be Byjus. I am confident that she will achieve more than this and sky is not the limit. Love & blessings. Keep rocking like this. We are proud of you Komal!


    July 4, 2018

    thanks <3


June 30, 2018

Hello ma’am,your way of growth is an inspiration to all..u deserve it 🙂

Soni Khatri

June 30, 2018

Amazing work Komal. Congratulations. It’s something you have worked hard for and you deserve it. Way to Go. Bestest of the luck for the upcoming journey?

Sneha jha

June 29, 2018

I had a journey of 8 months in Byjus but those months when I was under your guidance and your motivation was incredible. You have always supported everyone in the team. Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration.☺️


June 29, 2018

An amazing manager;
An amazing orator;
And an amazing person;
I guess it’s more than enough to push the potential of the team where in we ourselves break the benchmark we set.
Thanks for the constant support that you gave me, from beginning in sales with 0 on the sheets to overachieving the targets. ✌?

Soni Khatri

June 29, 2018

Amazing work Komal. Congratulations. It’s something you have worked hard for and you deserve it. Way to Go. Bestest of the luck for the upcoming journey!


June 29, 2018

Love u komal


    June 30, 2018

    miss you buddy !! <3

Gairick Sachdeva

June 29, 2018

your story is amazing!!! 😀 😀
Never knew you were so dedicated towards your professional life! Excellent job!! Well deserved and way to go!

Soni khatri

June 29, 2018

Amazing work Komal. Congratulations. It’s something you have worked hard for and you deserve it. Way to Go. Bestest of the luck for the upcoming journey


June 29, 2018

Chulbuli yet Serious – a rare combo!
Always acknowledging the efforts of everyone.
Highly supportive and encouraging!
Always there whenever we need her.!
Thanks for making my office hours easier and merrier!

Neha Chahal

June 29, 2018

Hey Well done Komal keep up the good work.

You deserve this lady! Congrats and all the best


June 29, 2018

Glad to see your success, you were always a champ and i know that you will grow like this in future too.

Congratulations and best wishes for your future assignments. 🙂

Fahd Salman

June 29, 2018

Always knew that she’s gonna rock in every phase of life. A gem atheart❤️, topshot model by face? and but obviously a very very
humble yet naughty person by nature. She defines perfectionism!!Friends’ for the last 7-8 years. But not even met for once, then too she’s the best..
Lots of love & blessings✌?

Guess whi

June 29, 2018

You were my first Manager,though not for long but you were the first drops of water that my plant of career had received,and I am grateful to you for that!Cutest manager ever!

Gurjaipal Singh Randhawa

June 29, 2018

Interesting story . I have worked with Komal in different campaignsand as a team member . She is passionate about her work .Always ready to work in any campaign. I wish her more success in Byjus .
– From ex Byjuite 🙂

Tanbir Kaur

June 29, 2018

Superb ??


June 29, 2018

You deserve to be on the top without a doubt.
Love u

Shubham Siddhartha

June 29, 2018

From the very day I started out as an employee here at BYJU’s, there were a lot of things that didn’t go as I expected. A job that I chose for the thrill somehow seemed difficult and tiring in the corporate world. Thanks for your continuous support and guidance that brought back the same vibes I had with which I joined BYJU’s.


    June 29, 2018

    Thanks ?

Deepak Chib

June 29, 2018

A very deserving and confident performer. She has aced her way out in every situation. People like her are definitely worth idolising.


    June 30, 2018

    thanks brother


June 29, 2018

Working with you at Byjus was great. All the best for your journey. Beautifully written ?


June 29, 2018

You have always been an inspiration for many. They way you talk makes the other person confident and trust you.
I am sure you must have been able to win confidence of your customers and hence succeeded in the current role.
All the best for your future. I’m sure you are going to fly high.
Kudos 🙂


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