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Setting the Scene For ‘Student Forever’ — The Teachers’ Day Film

Team StoryWeavers|September 12, 2022, 13:27 IST|

Behind the Scenes Student Forever Teachers Day Film

Learning is a journey that never ends. The Teachers’ Day Film carries this sentiment throughout, piecing together a moving montage of a teacher’s life.

The story begins in a library, where our beloved professor, played by the talented Amit Singh Thakur, is making notes. As he goes about the rest of his day, he never stops learning — be it from a newspaper article, or from a child he meets on his morning walk. The film ends in a classroom, where the professor’s love for learning and teaching come together as one.

The Student Forever film makes us realise that our teachers had more than one role to play — they had to become students first. While we grew up and moved on, they never put their books down, even after the bell rang at the end of the day.

A Glimpse of the Shoot

Student Forever Teachers' Day view of the hills of mussoorie

The crew is welcomed by a misty morning, atop the lush hills of Mussorie. They arrived bright and early on Day 1 of the shoot, to catch the perfect natural lighting for every shot.

Amit Singh Thakur walking with a dog in mussoorie Teachers Day Film Student Forever

Amit Singh Thakur, the professor, seeking knowledge in every conversation. He walks down a sloped, scenic path along with Bella, the friendly beagle.

Teachers' Day Film Student Forever Landour Mussoorie school

A timeless church stands tall next to a brick-walled school in Landour, Mussoorie. In this school, the professor is filmed teaching mathematics to his students.

Teachers Day Movie Student Forever students in a school in landour mussoorie

“Good morning, sir!” greeted the students as their favourite professor entered the classroom. The energy of the room livened up when Amit Singh Thakur spoke to the kids.

BYJU'S Teachers Day Film Student Forever director vishal sagar

The director ensuring that every shot emulates the right emotion, doing complete justice to the heartwarming script.

Teachers Day Film Student Forever director of photography filming a scene

The DoP setting up the perfect angle for every shot, even if it meant standing on uneven land or climbing up into tiny nooks. The crew’s commitment to capturing the aesthetics of the film was unparalleled.

BYJU'S Teachers Day Movie Student Forever cottage in mussoorie hills

Day 2 of the shoot was at this cute cottage, nestled on the hills of Mussorie. The place was called home for the story and for the crew as they worked hard from dawn to dusk.

Rainfall in Mussoorie at the BYJU'S teachers day shoot for student forever movie

Unexpected downpour — despite the unpredictable weather, the crew made it work. They even shot the car scene in the pouring rain, which one might call a happy accident as it looked all the more beautiful.

BYJU'S Teachers Day Film view of the hills in Mussoorie

Breathtaking backdrop — the cottage was enveloped by a view of the hills and greenery, frequented by woodpeckers and other small, colourful birds. The crew spent their breaks sipping chai and admiring the scenic view.

Setting up the lighting in the scene for the shot of teachers day film student forever

Lighting matters — finding the right balance of light was an important step before each shot. The soft white glow streaming in through the windows played a major role in setting the mood.

BYJU'S Teachers Day Film Student Forever Costume for Amit Singh Thakur

From costume to art — each unit of the production crew paid impeccable attention to the tiny details that made a great impact in bringing the essence of the script to life.

Mussoorie stoned path roads during shooting of byju's teachers' day movie student forever

The winding pathways leading up to the professor’s cottage. One could not see too far away because of the curtain of mist surrounding the city.

Study room in a cottage in mussoorie for byju's teachers' day movie student forever

The desk in the study is adorned with personalised knick knacks — photographs, stationery, and the red notebook that is seen throughout the movie, shaping it into the professor’s own learning nook.

Crew on the set of student forever byju's teachers' day film

The hidden superstars — the crew on set worked in sync throughout the shoot, from packing up the lights in one spot to setting up the props in another. Without them, it would not have been possible to seamlessly complete every scene on time.

Director of Photography setting up for a shot on top of a ladder in a cottage in mussoorie

Prepping for the final shot of the day — balancing on a ladder to film the professor burning the midnight oil in the study.

Watch Student Forever — The Teachers’ Day Film

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