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How did BYJU’S Help Varun Top ICSE Board Exams

Team StoryWeavers|November 12, 2020, 08:15 IST| 2

This week, Team Storyweavers caught up with Varun Rajan, a talented student from Puducherry, who scored an impressive 95% in the ICSE Board Examinations this year. Varun’s superb academic performance has made him a rank holder in his school. Not just that, Varun is also the second-highest scorer in the ICSE Board Exams in Puducherry! Let’s have a look at Varun’s approach to acing exams and his helpful tips for aspiring students.

A Sound Schedule

Varun’s secret to adequate exam preparation begins with identifying his strengths first. “I study concepts that I find easy at the beginning of my preparation. These topics take less time for me to cover. Doing this also gives me the confidence that I have finished a chunk of the syllabus. After that, I move on to topics that I find difficult,” he says.

Varun believes this method works because of its impact on time management. “It takes me longer to cover topics that I find difficult. So I ensure I get ample time to focus on them,” he adds.

Breaking down the entire syllabus like this sounds helpful, isn’t it?

All About The Numbers

A maths enthusiast, Varun confesses that it was numbers that helped him develop an affinity for physics – his current subject of choice. “Until class 7, I disliked studying physics. When I moved to higher grades, the concepts were represented mathematically; I began to take an interest in it,” he says.

BYJU’S – The Learning App further fuelled Varun’s interest in physics, making it yet another strength in his arsenal. “I love that I can watch concept videos multiple times on the BYJU’S App. The practice tests and videos helped me grasp physics concepts better,” adds the 11th grader, who aspires to be an engineer.

Apart from the application itself, Varun also found support from his BYJU’S Mentor during his crucial preparatory period. “There’s a certain amount of pressure we students face as exams come close. But I was able to rise above this pressure with the help of my BYJU’S Mentor. He (my mentor) regularly checked up on my studies and gave me the support I needed not to get stressed,” recounts Varun.

With sound preparation and hard work determining his success, we asked Varun about his tips for aspiring students too.

Now those are some golden tips!

With a focused approach like this, we are sure great things are in store for Varun. Team Storyweavers wishes him the best of luck for all his future endeavours!

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