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How to prepare for all the subjects? Learn at BYJU’S Topper Connect.

IT’S TIME! Much delayed, but never too late. Board exams are just around the corner. Are you prepared?   What...

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What is your style of studying? Hear it from our Toppers!

Did you have any guilty pleasures while preparing for exams? How do you deal with them? How does one prepare for...

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What’s Shreejeet’s secret to scoring 98.6% in the board exams?

When the CBSE class 10 results were announced earlier this year, Kharagpur’s Shreejeet Mishra had more than just one reason...

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How did BYJU’S Help Varun Top ICSE Board Exams

This week, Team Storyweavers caught up with Varun Rajan, a talented student from Puducherry, who scored an impressive 95% in...

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“Never Give Up” Are The Words Class 10 Topper Vazeela Swears By

When the Kerala State Board Exam results were announced this year, Vazeela S, a class 10 student from Cotton Hill...

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