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Here’s how BYJU’S helped Poojan Anand ace JEE Main with flying colours

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At 17 years old, Poojan Anand Mehta from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is the perfect example of how one can balance their schedule and make time for both studies and sports. “I was never really a very studious child before class 10. In fact until then, I was more into sports and games like basketball, swimming, table tennis, badminton and karate. You can say my real hard work began from class 11,” he admits. The result of all the hard work? A stunning score of 99.33998 percentile in JEE Main 2020, a feat in which he says BYJU’S played a major role in.

“I attempted practice tests almost everyday. BYJU’S helped me in clearing all my doubts, and the video lessons, like the one on projectile motion, helped me improve my conceptual understanding,” he shares, adding that he made a distinct choice to focus more on his JEE preparation. “I understood that JEE is not an easy exam, therefore I decided to give it my best effort without any compromise,” he reveals, adding that he wishes to pursue Computer Science from IIT Bombay.

“Every other problem today finds its solution through software engineering. I feel that’s my true calling” 

– Poojan Anand

Subject-wise strategy

One of the reasons why he performed so well would be his decision to implement customised strategies for each subject. Poojan believes that the secret to scoring well in Physics is to understand the concepts. Whereas, for Maths, it’s all about speed. He elaborates, “I used to write down my own set of notes for Maths. They go a long way during revision. Also I used to solve previous year question papers, identify weak areas and work on them by trying to approach the same problem through different perspectives.” As for Chemistry, his least favourite of the three, his strategy was to divide the subject’s course into sections, read NCERT textbooks thoroughly, and make short notes to help increase his interest in the subject. 

Talking it out

Beyond the subjects, Poojan felt that managing ‘stress’ levels was another area that required some work. “Eleventh standard is usually tough for everyone. It gets overwhelming in a way that things don’t seem to be going in your favour most of the time. I tried to get over the stress of that by first talking about my concerns with my parents and teachers, whenever possible. Secondly, I followed a routine, while minimising my time on social media and TV,” he adds.

We are sure that with such rigour, hard work and dedication, Poojan can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Team Storyweavers wishes him all the best for JEE Advanced and all his future endeavours.

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with you success and happiness in your life

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great work poojan


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