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BYJU’S student Zaid Khan on acing JEE Main 2021

Team StoryWeavers|July 26, 2021, 15:10 IST| 1

For Zaid Khan, who cracked JEE Main 2021 with 95.4 per cent in February attempt, his journey on the high road to success started with a desire to get into one of the top colleges in the country – the IITs. He dreams of becoming a successful engineer one day and making his parents proud. This very thought was a turning point in his life when he channelised all his energy towards achieving this goal and started preparing for the JEE entrance exam in class 11.

In a quick chat with Team Storyweavers, Zaid told us about his daily routine, his JEE Main preparation strategies and shared tips for future JEE aspirants.

Preparation during the lockdown

When asked about his JEE Main preparation journey amidst the ongoing lockdown, he says that according to him the lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. He elaborates, “I got a lot of time to study my subjects and prepare for JEE Main. In fact, I attempted both the February and March sessions and scored good marks.” Currently in class 12, these days, Zaid is preparing for the upcoming JEE Main sessions and the board exams in 2022.

BYJU’S pivotal role in his success

Zaid believes in smart studying and that’s where BYJU’S fit in. BYJU’S short video lessons cover an entire topic within five minutes. While the length of the videos helps in sustaining our interest, the animations and real-life examples take care of building the basic concepts stronger. I also like the personalised mode of learning that allows me to clear my doubts with my mentor,” says Zaid, who has been studying with BYJU’S app for four years now.

 What is the most important point to consider while preparing for JEE Main? Zaid says, “Constant revision and self-analysis are the key points here. I attempted BYJU’S All India Test series along with solving several other mock test papers. That helped me understand where I need to pay extra attention.”

A well-rested mind performs better

It is okay to take breaks in between studies and enjoy a song or go for a walk. Zaid explains how, for him, practising yoga and dancing to his favourite numbers helped him relax. “Long hours of studying can make you tired and drain all your energy. Hence I made it a point to take mini breaks to either paint or practise yoga.”

This 17-year-old boy from Delhi signs off by sharing this tip to his juniors – “Cracking JEE Main is not a hurdle if you’re prepared for it from day one. Just practise a lot and give it your best shot.”

Are you planning to prepare for JEE Main? Click here to learn all about it.

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